Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower

Scag Windstorm Stand-On BlowerLeaf blowers keep getting bigger to meet the power and operating cost demands of landscapers, and the Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower is no exception. Using a Vanguard Big Block EFI in a stand-on blower is notable in itself. However, what really makes this model stand out is its practical design that addresses most of the annoyances of debris blowing use.

The Most Flexible, Easiest-to-Aim Blower Available

This model is more than just a larger version of the Extreme Pro blower. Scag’s new Nozzle Direction System uses an adjustable elbow on the end of the impeller outlet to control airflow. Mounted forward of the impeller housing, it can turn 180 degrees, letting you aim air left, right, forward, or anywhere in between. It also has an automatic mode that moves the nozzle from side to side as you turn around for the next pass. Point the nozzle forward, and it can blow leaves and dust away from buildings. The nozzle also moves 16 degrees up and down, letting you direct air at large piles or skim the ground surface to get the last of the debris. Both the pitch and angle are controlled using levers at the operator’s position.

Maximum Power and Fuel Efficiency

Hate having to make trade-offs between power with operating costs? With the Windstorm, you don’t have to. To power the Windstorm, Scag went with Vanguard’s Big Block EFI V-Twin. At 37 horsepower, this is one of the most powerful small engines available today. However, since it uses fuel injection, it uses about 20% less fuel than an equivalent carburetor-equipped engine. EFI also makes the engine easy to start in cold weather and less susceptible to stale fuel issues. Moving leaves and debris is dusty work, so an auxiliary canister air filter comes standard to protect the engine.

Great Real World Performance and Reliability

Inside the 12 gauge steel impeller housing, you’ll find a 23-inch, 8 blade fabricated steel impeller. This impeller is dynamically balanced to reduce noise and vibration. It attaches to a taper locking hub, so it won’t loosen over time.

Most manufacturers will publish the highest number possible to make their products look better. Theoretically, this blower can output 7,500 cubic feet of air per minute. Scag publishes this number to let buyers to an apples-to-apples comparison with other blowers. However, in real-world conditions, performance will be lower. Scag expects owners to get 6,000 CFM of effective output from the Windstorm. That’s more powerful than half-a-dozen backpack blowers.

Fast and Easy to Transport

This blower is fitted with a pair of 14 cubic inch cast iron wheel motors. These motors can propel the Windstorm to a top speed of 10.5 MPH going forward, and up to 5 MPH in reverse.

The impeller connects to the engine using an Ogura PTO clutch. That means you can turn the impeller off while leaving the engine running for transport. The built-in Softstart controller ensures smooth engagement, saving wear and tear on the clutch and connected components

Comfortable and Easy to Use

The Windstorm comes with the same Tiger Eye on-board monitoring system found on Scag’s ZTR mowers. This gives the operator an overview of the blower’s operating condition, including hours of operation and voltage. The fuel gauge is mounted on top of the tank within view of the operator’s position. This tank holds 8 gallons of gas, so it can go through a full workday without refueling. A self-adjusting belt system maintains tension and reduces maintenance.

The operator’s system is built just like Scag’s stand-on mowers. A large leaning pad and a wide, non-skid footplate mounted to a suspension system make the Windstorm comfortable enough for all-day use.


For most users, the Windstorm comes with everything they need out of a debris blower straight from the factory. However, if you want a little more time to work as the days get shorter, you can install a 1,400 lumen LED lighting kit. Wish you didn’t have to check the air filter for debris? An air filter monitor lets you check the condition of the filter using the Tiger Eye gauge, so you’ll always know when you need to fit a replacement. Style may not be your top priority, but if you want to dress up your Windstorm, you can add chrome hubcaps to the blower’s rear wheels.

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Shank’s Lawn Equipment has helped commercial operators and homeowners alike with their landscaping equipment since 1984. We’re an authorized dealer for Scag and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, which means we don’t just sell these blowers. We also provide the parts, accessories, and services you need for your equipment. Visit us in person at 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy in Chambersburg, PA, or online at We ship parts and accessories across the United States and Canada.

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