Scag Turf Tiger II

Scag Turf Tiger IIAre you looking for a top-of-the-line commercial mower? The Scag Turf Tiger II improves upon the standard Turf Tiger, providing a flexible, high-speed mowing platform. With several powerplant and deck options, this mid-deck ZTR is bound to fit your needs.


Scag offers 6 different powerplants from air-cooled gas V-twins to an inline diesel:

The Liquid-cooled Kohler Command Pro EFI V-Twin has made a name for itself by offering low fuel consumption and easy starting. This 26 hp motor is available with 52, 61 and 72-inch decks.

Kawasaki’s FD-Series has been a mainstay of commercial mowers for years; a 25 hp model is available with the 61-inch deck, and the new DFI (Digital Fuel Injection) equipped version is available in 26 and 31 hp versions on 61 and 72-inch deck mowers.

Briggs & Stratton’s Vanguard Big Block may be air-cooled, but it’s the most powerful engine option at 35 hp. It’s available with 61 and 72-inch decks.

Prefer diesel? Scag offers a 25 hp Kubota with 61 and 72-inch models.

These engines have all the features you expect from a commercial-grade motor including electric start and full pressure lubrication. Scag also adds an auxiliary canister air filter for longer filter life and easier service and mounts the radiator on liquid-cooled engines behind the seat to protect it from impacts. Fuel is provided by a 12-gallon tank with a top-mounted fuel gauge.

Hydraulic Drive

The drive system uses a pair of 16 cc Hydro-Gear pumps coupled to Parker wheel motors and a large auxiliary oil cooler to increase durability. Gas-powered models can reach a top speed of 12 mph, while diesels can hit 10 mph.


The Tiger has Scag’s signature Velocity Plus deck which is constructed from steel sheets of varying thicknesses to provide strength where it’s needed including a nearly ½ inch thick top plate to support the spindles. Scag uses cast iron spindles with tapered roller bearings, grease fittings mounted on top for easy access, and a relief port to prevent over-greasing.

Power is transferred from the Ogura GT 3.5 PTO clutch to the deck via a shaft drive. The clutch can be adjusted to compensate for wear, and it’s easy to access via the mower’s rear panel. This clutch rated at 250 ft lbs. for the Kohler and Kawasaki engines, and 350 ft-lbs. for models powered by the 35 hp Vanguard engine.

The deck can be set to a mowing height between one and 6 inches. Adjusting the height is simple: just push down on the adjustable foot pedal, then move the pin to one of the clearly-marked holes next to the seat.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The operator sits in a suspension seat with four iso-mounts that can be adjusted using a dial to match the rider’s weight. The seat position, back angle and armrest angle are also adjustable, while the lap bars can be positioned without using tool to match the operator’s reach.

The Tiger II comes with a new digital version of the Tiger Eye display, putting all the engine controls and information within easy reach. Opposite of this display is a 12-volt accessory plug for powering accessories and charging phones and a cup holder.

This equipment sits in a double tube welded steel frame designed to keep the center of gravity low for hill stability. Giant 26 inch drive tires provide traction with minimal scrubbing, while flat-free front caster wheels reduce maintenance. The caster extension is replaceable should it become dented from an impact. A built-in hood on liquid-cooled models and access panels on air-cooled models provide protection without getting in the way during servicing.


There are several ways to set up the Tiger II to fit your mowing needs:

  • Set up the deck for mulching with the chamber-shaping Hurricane Plus mulching kit and either a mulch plug or operator-controlled chute that can be opened and closed as needed.
  • Collect clippings with a 16-bushel bag system or an easy-to-unload 12-bushel clamshell loader.
  • Get a ballpark finish with the Tiger Striper.
  • Know when to change the air filter by adding a monitor that sends information to the Tiger Eye display.

When You Think “Scag,” Think “Shanks”

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Scag as well as Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kubota, so we can help you with anything on your mower. If you’re looking to buy a Turf Tiger II or need your mower serviced, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion.

We also ship parts and accessories for Scag and many other brands across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us at

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