Scag Tiger Cat II

Scag Tiger Cat IIIs durability first on your list when shopping for a commercial ZTR? Every part of Scag’s Tiger Cat II is built to be reliable under the most demanding conditions from its thick deck to its use of tubular steel for its frame without compromising performance or comfort.

Velocity Plus Deck

The heart of this new mower design is Scag’s Velocity Plus deck. Its Tri-Plate deck construction combines a 10 gauge shell with 10 gauge top reinforcement and 11 and 7 gauge side skirts, making it one of the thickest decks on the market. Replaceable trim side wear pads protect the deck from scrapes and impacts, while five anti-scalp rollers protect the turf.

Normally, the flat sides of a constructed deck keep it from providing a good finish, but Scag took a two-pronged approach to get near-stamped deck performance. Inside the deck, additional plating gives the mowing chamber a rounded shape for better suction and a large discharge chute to ensure even the thickest grass passes through the deck with ease. At the front of the chamber, there’s an adjustable baffle that lets you alter this suction. Set the baffle to its highest position or remove it, and the deck can handle leaves and tall grass with ease. Put it in the lowest position, and the deck provides maximum suction for a high-quality finish.

The blades are supported by cast iron spindles supported with dual tapered roller bearings for unparalleled durability. Scag offers several blade designs to fit specific cutting needs.

The Tiger Cat II is available with 48, 52 and 61-inch decks, which can be positioned at a height between 1-5 inches in quarter inch increments.

Durable Components

Every pulley on the Tiger Cat II is made from split steel, a technique that forms the entire unit from a single piece of metal. This makes them both stronger and lighter than cast iron units for faster starting and stopping and decreased wear on the PTO and spindles.

The mower is built around a welded tubular steel frame for higher strength and vibration reduction. Like the spindles, tapered roller bearings are used to support the front caster wheels.


Scag offers this mower with a Kawasaki FS and Kohler Command Pro when paired with the 48-inch deck, while all models have the option of a Kawasaki FX or Kohler EFI engine with outputs ranging from 22 to 29 hp. An auxiliary air filter system with most motors to decrease service intervals.

The motor powers the drive wheels by using a pair of 12 cc Hydro-Gear pumps connected to Parker wheel motors for a top speed of 12 mph going forward and up to 5 mph in reverse. To power the deck, Scag fits this ZTR with an Ogura GT 3.5 PTO clutch rated at 250 lb-ft.


No amount of toughness can make up for a mower that’s hard on the operator, so Scag made sure every part of the Tiger Cat II is easy to use. This starts with a high backed-seat mounted to a four point rubber iso-mount with a torsion spring suspension that adjusts automatically to the operator’s weight and reduces the transfer of vibrations. This seat has an adjustable back rest and arm rests and can slide forward and back to accommodate operators of any size. The lap bars are fitted high-quality dampers for smoothness across their movement range for accurate control.

Next to the operator, there’s a cup holder molded into the right fuel tank, a 12-volt accessory plug and a console with all the mower’s switches and information within easy reach. The dual gas tanks hold a total of 9.5 gallons for hours of mowing between refills. Servicing is easy thanks to access points for filters and oil drains as well as a large removable foot plate.


Scag offers two clipping collection systems for this model: a 16-bushel triple bag system and a 12-bushel clamshell collector that can be dumped from the operator’s position. The deck can also be used for mulching by adding a block-off plate for the discharge chute, or a mulching system kit can be installed to separate each blade into its own chamber for maximum performance.

A trailer hitch can be added to pull equipment weighing up to 250 lbs.

Parts and Service

Looking to buy a Tiger Cat II, or need to have your Scag equipment serviced? Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Scag as well as Kawasaki and Kohler, making us your one stop shop for everything on your mower. Stop by our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Need parts or accessories for your Scag equipment? We ship across the U.S. and Canada. To find what you need, visit us at

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