Scag Tiger Cat II

Scag Tiger Cat II

Are you looking for a smaller ZTR that doesn’t skimp on top shelf performance and comfort? The Scag Tiger Cat II is available with decks from 48 to 61 inches wide, can mow up to 24 acres per work day and comes with features that make operation comfortable for all day use.


The Tiger Cat is offered with Scag’s Velocity Plus decks in 48, 52 and 61-inch widths. These use the company’s Tri-Plate design, combining different thicknesses of sheet steel to reinforce areas that see the most impacts and stress without making the deck overly heavy. These layers come together to form a top plate that’s almost ½ inch thick. For easy maintenance, the footplate can be removed to access the belts, and the deck can be leveled by turning a single bolt.

The pulleys are formed from a single piece of steel, keeping them light without sacrificing strength. They’re mounted on spindles that use automotive quality tapered bearings. Thanks to a unique heat treating process, the included Marbain blades are exceptionally resistant to abrasion, so they require far less sharpening than standard steel blades.

The deck connects to the engine using an Ogura GT 3.5 PTO rated at 250 ft.-lbs. It has an adjustable spring mechanism that brings the clutch faces closer as they wear, extending the life of the clutch.


Buyers have a choice of two engines: the Kawasaki FX and the Kohler EFI V-Twin. Scag uses the Kawasaki 691FX in models fitted with a 48 or 52-inch deck, while the 61-inch deck is paired with a 730FX. The Kohler EFI is available on all models.

What’s the difference? Brand preferences aside, both engines are professional grade, have a reputation for reliability and use high-quality construction including features like full pressure lubrication systems and advanced air filtration systems. The 730FX is more powerful than the Kohler, while the Kohler’s fuel injection system uses less fuel, starts easily in all weather conditions and is less sensitive to stale fuel.

The hydrostatic drive system uses 12 cc hydraulic pumps with cooling fans that send fluid to a pair of cast iron motors. Together, these propel the Tiger Cat to a top speed of 12 mph.


Models with 52 and 61-inch decks come with a cushion spring suspension seat that can be dampened to compensate for the operator’s weight as well as four rubber iso-mounts that stop the transfer of side-to-side movement. These features can be added to 48-inch models by installing an accessory pack. The seat, seat back and armrests are adjustable, while the lap bars have multi-point steering dampers and can be set to one of three positions.

Engine and PTO controls are clustered together on a panel next to the operator. Scag’s Tiger Eye display lets the operator check the running condition at a glance including the charging system, and a nearby 12-volt accessory plug gives you a convenient place to charge your smartphone.

The deck is lifted using a foot pedal, while the height is set by inserting a pin into one of the marked holes next to the operator. This layout allows adjustments in ¼ inch increments from 1-5 inches.


Want to make your Tiger Cat more comfortable? Quick Fit steering levers let you fine tune the position of the lap bars so you can get a comfortable arm position.

Scag offers several ways to set up the mower deck. For mulching, there’s a standard mulch plate and a chute that can be opened and closed from the operator’s position. The Hurricane Plus mulching system combines baffles and high lift blades to get increased vacuum for effective mulching. For clipping collection, there’s a 16-bushel bag collector for dumping into a truck or trailer and a 12-bushel clamshell collector that is perfect for dumping on a tarp or on-site. The Tiger Striper rolls cut grass to leave a striped ballpark finish.

Hate having to constantly check the air filter when mowing in dusty conditions? The air filter monitor measures intake pressure, lighting up the Tiger Eye display when it’s time to replace the filter.

Adding the trailer hitch lets the mower tow up to 250 lbs, which is enough for carts and lightweight attachments.

Need to work early or late? The halogen light kit adds 76 watts of lighting to the front of the mower.

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