Scag Giant-Vac Tow-Behind Truck Loaders

Scag Tow BehindTruck loaders are an essential piece of equipment for commercial landscapers, who typically use them to clean up fall foliage, storm debris, or the remnants of other outdoor renovation work. Though Scag sells a full lineup of models that range from small to large, residential to commercial, its towed models are a commercial buyer’s preferred choice. These truck loaders are larger in overall size, with greater processing capacity and more powerful engines, making them more useful in productivity-driven commercial and industrial environments.

Selling Points: Features of the Tow Behind Truck Loader

Scag’s industrial truck loader resembles the company’s smaller residential models in terms of its appearance, but it is significantly larger in size and much more powerful. The truck loader uses highly durable steel materials, ships with flexible hoses and discharge chutes for maximum flexibility, and comes with a strong towing mount that will withstand both debris processing and routine hauling. The most notable feature of this model is its 12-inch discharge tube. Unlike many competing models, the discharge tube can be bent in any direction. This allows for even distribution of processed debris in the truck bed, contributing to a more uniform weight while hauling debris to a new location. Even distribution of this weight, in turn, leads to less wear and tear on both the truck and the loader.

Along with a flexible discharge tube, the equipment comes with a 16-inch hose that can be used to vacuum and process even the largest organic items from around homes or commercial areas. The truck loader’s vacuum hose is held in place by a steel boom arm. This arm rotates as needed and keeps the hose perfectly balanced, permitting a significant improvement in operator safety and a reduction of fatigue while clearing debris. The boom arm was designed with hauling in mind, and features locking grips that keep it in place while the debris loader is in transit.

Because the truck loader is an industrial piece of equipment first and foremost, it features the ability to easily store rakes, brooms, and even orange traffic cones using mounts on the truck loader’s exterior. In fact, traffic cones are included at the time of purchase as standard equipment. Wheel chocks are also included, making storage and stability easier and free of added costs. To accommodate a wide variety of commercial buyers, the truck loader’s hitch can be configured for either a ball or pintle design. Both hitch designs allow for height adjustment.

Technical Specifications of Scag’s Industrial Truck Loader

Scag knows that commercial customers like to have options when they buy a new piece of equipment. That’s why the company has provided a choice between three commercial engines from three different manufacturers. The standard engine on an entry-level model is a 35-horsepower, air-cooled Vanguard commercial engine. Buyers can choose a slight upgrade to a 37-horsepower Kohler engine if they need just a bit of extra power to get the job done. Both engines feature excellent air filtration systems that extend their useful life well beyond that of smaller engine types for residential equipment.

Commercial buyers who require an even more powerful engine will want to choose the 48-horsepower Kubota model. Featuring a four-cylinder design, liquid cooling, and commercial-grade air filtration, this engine is easily the most impressive of the three. It’s also a perfect fit for truck loaders that will handle massive outdoor spaces, longer continuous use, and larger debris that will require more thorough processing. It’s worth noting that the Kubota engine requires diesel fuel while the other two engines require unleaded gasoline. Both the Kubota and Vanguard engines offer 50-state compliance with local emissions regulations.

While most of the truck loader is constructed from 10 gauge steel, the intake housing is made considerably more durable with 16 gauge steel materials. The ergonomically designed handle, made from 10 gauge steel, is covered in comfortable foam and rubber materials that provide better comfort during extended use. The ability to use the Scag truck loader for an extended period of time is provided chiefly by the large, 8.5-gallon fuel tank supplied regardless of engine model.

Because larger engines add a significant amount of heft to any piece of equipment, the rated weight of each truck loader varies slightly. Truck loaders with Vanguard or Kohler engines weigh roughly 1,700 pounds without fuel in the tank. The larger Kubota engine adds a significant amount of weight. Truck loaders with this much larger engine weigh in at 2,300 pounds. These truck loaders are just over 66 inches wide and 121 inches high. Depending on hitch configuration, the equipment measures between 120 inches and 132 inches in length.

Visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment for More on Scag Truck Loaders

Scag’s tow-behind truck loaders are an easy and customizable choice for commercial customers. To learn more about this truck loader and its various options, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Located in the central Pennsylvania town of Chambersburg, Shank’s Lawn Equipment is situated alongside Interstate 81 for easy accessibility from Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. This makes the company a top regional destination for commercial landscapers in search of a powerful new tool for outdoor cleanup.

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