Scag Giant-Vac TLS20W-29BV Industrial Skid Mount Truck Loader

scag logoThe Scag Giant-Vac TLS20W-29BV is designed for commercial applications requiring maximum power in a mountable loader. From its all steel construction to its commercial powerplant, this skid mount loader is built to move debris quickly, easily and with as little downtime as possible.

Commercial Power from Briggs & Stratton

The TLS20W is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block V-twin producing 29 gross horsepower. However, there’s more to this engine than its output.

The internals are protected by a regulated full pressure lubrication with an automotive style spin-on filter. If the oil level is too low, the motor will shut off automatically, protecting it from damage. Air filter maintenance is simple thanks to B&S’s ADMS system which reduces the debris that reach the element while keeping the air box accessible for quick cleaning.

A mechanical compression release lets the motor spin easily when starting, cutting start times and saving wear and tear on the starter. Once running, it’s surprisingly quiet thanks to adjustments made to everything from the flywheel to the crankcase to reduce noise.

The TLS20W is designed around this engine. The motor is mounted on top of a 5.5 gallon fuel tank with an easy to read fuel gauge. The engine sits fully exposed for easy maintenance, while a built-in remote drain makes oil changes mess free. A large on-board battery ensures there is always enough power to turn the motor over.

The impeller in the TLS20W uses Giant-Vac’s own high flow design constructed from 3/8 inch thick steel. The engine directly drives this 20 x 6.5 inch unit, moving up to 4,680 cubic feet of air per minute.

The TLS20W-29BV In Action

The operator holds an ambidextrous handle designed to be used with one or both hands, letting them switch positions freely to reduce fatigue. This handle is attached to a 16 gauge steel beveled intake nozzle designed to take the brunt of the bumps as it moves across the ground. Once picked up, the debris pass through a 120 inch long wire-reinforced polyurethane hose to the impeller chamber. This hose is mounted to a boom via an adjustable chain, taking the weight off the operator while allowing quick changes to get the right hose length and height.

Leaves and clippings are hurled upwards through a curved chute into a 79 inch steel discharge tube before being deposited in a truck bed or trailer. The chute exit is 47.5 inches above the base of the fuel tank; a 12 inch stack extension can be added for loading tall beds and trailers.

Quick Repairs for Less Downtime

The TLS20 is mounted on a pair of skids with fork pockets for carrying with a fork lift. These skids have adjustable mounts for attaching to equipment. If the complete loader is a little too tall, these skids can be removed, cutting total height by four inches; the loader can then be mounted directly using the mount points for the skids.

The impeller can be accessed by removing a single rear-mounted panel. Most of impact of incoming debris is taken by a set of 1/4 inch steel wear plates that can be replaced using common hand tools.

Both the intake and output hoses are designed for easy unmounting if they’re damaged, and the intake hose material has a wear indicator to show when it needs to be replaced. Since the intake hose boom can be locked into place and the output hose is mounted with a heavy duty clamp, neither one needs to be removed before transporting the loader.

Where to Buy Scag Giant-Vac Equipment and Parts

Want to know more about Giant-Vac’s products? Looking for parts and service for one of their loaders? Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for both Scag Giant-Vac and Briggs and Stratton, making them a one stop shop for everything on the TLS20-29BV. No matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada, they can ship to you. Just visit them on the web at Live near Chambersburg, PA? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy. To get there, take Exit 10, Route 11 / Marion from Interstate 81.

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