Scag Giant-Vac Leaf Blowers

Scag Giant-Vac Leaf BlowersMost leaf blowers are noisy, thirsty, uncomfortable, and unreliable, but they don’t have to be. Scag Giant-Vac wheeled leaf blowers are mounted on carts so they can use big engines and impellers, handily outperforming the best backpack blowers, while keeping the weight and vibration off of the operator. With models sized for everyone from homeowners to contractors, these blowers are a great choice for people looking for cleanup equipment that works faster, is easier to use and is more reliable.

The Best Choice for Leaf Cleanup

Backpack and handheld leaf blowers are limited to using two-stroke engines to keep weight down, but by mounting everything on a wheeled cart, Giant Vac is able to use quality four stroke engines that last longer, are easy to start, can use straight gasoline and make a lot less noise. The operator pushes the blower using an isolated handle, taking the weight and vibration out of operation.

For homeowners, it means they can clean up their lawn faster and with less effort. For professional landscapers and contractors, using a walk-behind leaf blower decreases job time, labor costs and running costs compared to backpack leaf blowers.

Giant-Vac isn’t the only company making wheeled blowers, but it’s their design that makes them stand out. The engine drives a constructed steel impeller that is balanced to minimize vibration and strain on the crankshaft. The discharge opening is angled down slightly to get right at the surface of the ground to peel up wet leaves. Move the lever-activated flap, and this air can be directed to the side for maximum clearing power or front discharge to push leaves away from buildings and fences.

LBC Classic

The classic offers most of the features of Scag’s larger blowers at a size and price that puts it within reach of residential buyers. Its 5.7 hp Subaru SP170 drives a 15 inch, four blade impeller to blow at a rate of 1,392 cubic feet per minute. That’s more than double the air volume of the most powerful backpack blowers. The handle uses anti-vibration mounts at four points and a padded handle limits the transmission of vibrations to the operator.

LBX Extreme

Power and flexibility make this model a great choice for landscapers. This blower’s 9 HP Subaru EX27 spins the 15-inch, 6 blade impeller with enough force to move air at a rate of 2,293 CFM. The handle has a control for a door on the discharge opening. When left flat, the door lets the air skim across the surface of the ground to peel off thick layers of wet leaves. Turn the angle up, and the blower will roll piles of tall piles into place for collection. That handle uses 8 anti-vibration mount points and is curved to make it comfortable to use the blower either head-on, standing to the right to see the path of leaves, or to the right to stay out of the path of moving debris. The engine throttle is also remote-mounted, letting you adjust airspeed during operation.

LBXP Extreme Pro

Need to clear a lot of land quickly? The LBXP is perfect for resealing contractors who need to clear parking lots and roads quickly so they can get to work.

It comes with all the features of the LBX, but it’s powered by an 11.7 hp Honda GX390 which spins a 17 inch, 6 blade impeller. That’s enough to increase output to 2,824 CFM.

When You Need Lawn Care Equipment, Go to the Experts

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