Scag Giant-Vac LBXP17-GX390 Extreme Pro Leaf Blowers

Scag LBXFrom storm debris to fall foliage, cleaning up after nature’s many messes can present quite a few headaches for homeowners and commercial landscapers. Luckily, Scag has developed an extensive lineup of Giant-Vac blowers that make debris removal a bit easier. Of the three models available, the company’s Extreme Pro leaf blower model is certainly the most impressive. Scag touts this leaf blower as having superior air volume compared to competing models with the same engine, for instance. The blower also features an exceedingly small footprint, integrated tie-downs for hauling between jobs and durable steel materials from top to bottom.
Scag’s Extreme Pro Leaf Blower is Packed with Great Features

Because this particular Scag leaf blower is marketed to both homeowners and light commercial users, the company has set out to make sure that its included features satisfy both demographics. First and foremost, this means making the blower easier to haul between jobs. The Extreme Pro model comes with integrated tie-downs that help to keep it in place while it sits in a landscaping trailer; integrated lift handles make for easier lifting and positioning when loading the equipment.

A welcome feature for both groups of operators is the improved handle design. The Extreme Pro features a fully adjustable handle that benefits from foam and rubber materials wrapped around its exterior. These materials, combined with eight integrated iso-mount points, help to reduce the amount of engine vibration transferred to the operator’s hands.

Discharge control is another selling point for this model. Scag has equipped the Extreme Pro with side and front discharge options, controlled by a single, side-mounted lever. The blower also comes with remote directional control, allowing air to be directed downward or upward based on debris size. Another major improvement offered by the Extreme Pro is its dynamically balanced impeller. Dynamic balancing helps the impeller stay steady when handling uneven terrain or resting on a slight grade. As a result of better impeller balance, the equipment is less likely to vibrate excessively, run inefficiently, or produce inconsistent wind volume during use.

Technical Specifications: Powerful Performance for Outdoor Maintenance

The Extreme Pro weighs just 200 pounds, making it relatively easy to move around the lawn or load into a trailer. The equipment measures 52 inches long, 45 inches high and just over 30 inches wide. Honda’s 11.7-horsepower GX390 engine is responsible for driving the impeller blades and producing a significant amount of wind volume. In fact, wind volume is one of the key ways that Scag differentiates the Extreme Pro leaf blower from those sold by competing manufacturers.

At peak speed and performance, the Extreme Pro produces 2,824 cubic feet of air per minute. Scag proudly notes that no other model on the market, including those that use the same Honda GX390 engine, can produce this amount of air. Every cubic foot of this air is channeled narrowly through the discharge chute, giving the equipment a maximum wind speed of 160 miles per hour. There is more to wind volume and speed than just the engine, however. The Extreme pro features a 6-blade impeller with a 17-inch diameter. The impeller’s larger size and increased number of blades is what allows the equipment to turn its engine power into better results, especially when displacing larger objects.

The blower features a 9-inch air intake and a discharge opening that measures 26.25 square inches. The discharge opening comes with two features that help with larger debris. The first of these is a low profile, two-inch ground clearance that allows air to reach the base of larger objects. The second key feature is two-degree directional adjustment of the discharge chute. A downward change in wind direction can direct high wind speeds under a larger object and dislodge it. Conversely, an upward adjustment of the discharge chute can group smaller debris items into manageable piles. To guard against unwanted damage and repairs, especially when using directional adjustment to handle larger objects, both the engine platform and blower housing are fabricated with 10 gauge steel. The skirt, which is the piece closest to the ground, features 12 gauge steel that is even more resilient.

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Situated just off Interstate 81 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has long been a regional destination for power equipment customers. In addition to customers in its home state, the company supplies parts and equipment to customers throughout Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Buyers in the market for a new Scag Extreme Pro leaf blower will find all they need at the company’s location in Pennsylvania. Existing blower owners in search of OEM replacement parts can use a helpful parts search tool found on instead. Both options make it easier than ever to maintain outdoor spaces and Scag leaf blowers alike.


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