Scag Giant-Vac LBX15-EX27 Extreme Leaf Blowers

Scag_Extreme-BlowerScag’s lineup of wheeled leaf blowers has been designed with the typical large lawn in mind. That’s why each model, including the company’s Extreme leaf blower, feature large engines, a massive amount of air volume, accelerated wind speeds, and bi-directional air adjustment that allows for quick cleanup no matter how big the debris is around the home. The Extreme leaf blower from Scag is an upgrade to the company’s Classic model, with an upgraded engine that provides enhanced air volume and better versatility when cleaning up heavier debris like large sticks or limbs. The Extreme model is still highly compact, however, and makes for easy storage between uses.

Features: What Makes the Extreme Blower a Great Choice?

There are many features that make the Scag Extreme leaf blower worth considering, but perhaps the most impressive is the sheer amount of air volume produced by this model when compared to its nearest competitors from leading manufacturers. Thanks to a powerful engine under the hood, Scag’s Extreme leaf blower can produce up to 2,293 cfm of air volume during routine use. That’s a significant amount of volume that can be directed toward foliage cleanup, debris removal, and any number of extra cleanup tasks outdoors. The blower also features bidirectional adjustment of its air discharge. Adjusted upward, this discharge is a great way to take charge of larger debris and move it into a consolidated pile. When adjusted downward, the discharge can utilize air in a gentle “pushing” motion that creates tall piles for proper disposal of lawn debris.

Comfort is the name of the game while using the Scag Extreme leaf blower. This model features an ergonomic handle design that prevents vibrations from reaching the user during routine operation. This handle prevents operator fatigue by first using eight iso-mount joints to keep vibrations away from the hands. This is twice the number of iso-mount joints used on the entry-level Classic leaf blower, also sold by Scag as a wheeled model.

A high-tech foam material coats the handle where the hands rest, absorbing any residual vibrations that might manage to get past these iso-mount joints. The handle also features easy-to-use controls that adjust the air door and the throttle, making it easy to adjust air direction and engine speed on the fly. Controls are placed just in front of the left and right grips for easy reachability.

Despite its significantly increased amount of power and air volume when compared to the Classic model, Scag’s Extreme leaf blower is still a highly compact option for today’s homeowners. It measures only slightly wider and deeper than the Classic model. Thanks to an adjustable handle and these favorable dimensions, the leaf blower is easy to store in a garage or toolshed. A light overall weight contributes to this model’s easy of use. There is no heavy lifting or excessive pushing needed in order to move the leaf blower into place or brush past debris wherever it accumulates.

Technical Specs: A Look Under the Hood of Scag’s Extreme Leaf Blower

The Scag Extreme is equipped with some of the most impressive leaf blower specs of any wheeled model currently on the market. It is, after all, considered Scag’s high-end leaf blower for residential customers. The equipment’s impressive spec sheet starts with the 9-horsepower Subaru EX27 engine. This engine is a significant upgrade compared to the Subaru engine paired with the Scag classic. The Subaru EX27 powers a six-blade impeller system, which is itself a significant upgrade from the four-blade impeller on Scag’s Classic blower. The impeller measures a full 15 inches in diameter, with each of its blades measuring 4.25 inches wide. This large impeller is the key to the Extreme’s 2,293 cfm air volume.

To ensure that the blower’s significant volume of air can escape the housing and properly move debris around the lawn, Scag has given the Extreme a 6-inch by 6-inch air discharge opening. This gives the blower 36 square inches to work with when discharging air and aggregating debris around the lawn, and it’s a superior way to handle fall foliage, storm debris, and litter that might dot the landscape of a very large lawn. The discharge sits just two inches above ground level, giving it superior results when creating piles of lighter debris.

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