Scag Giant-Vac LBC15-SP170 Classic Leaf Blowers

Scag Classic_studioFor many homeowners, a wheeled leaf blower represents a refreshing change of pace compared to handheld model. Wheeled blowers are often significantly more powerful, easier to use when covering larger outdoor areas, and more effective at moving both smaller debris and large items that are simply no match for handheld leaf blower models on the market. Scag has long competed in this area, with several models that offer improved power, performance, and comfort throughout each cleanup job. The company’s Classic leaf blower model is designed for use around the home and features a compact footprint that makes for easier storage and more comfortable use wherever it’s needed.

Classic Leaf Blower Features: A Great Option for Homeowners

The Scag Classic wheeled leaf blower is designed to be the go-to choice for homeowners with moderately sized lawns. Its size and wind speed allows for quick cleanup work in larger lawns and smaller commercial spaces, all without the fatigue that can come from handheld or backpack leaf blower models used by those consumers with smaller outdoor areas to maintain. For comfort during these longer tasks, the leaf blower comes with a foam-wrapped handle that is designed to both reduce vibration transmission from the engine and enhance the “stickiness” of the handle’s grip. This safety feature capably prevents slipping during use that could lead to serious safety issues. The handle is further enhanced by four separate iso-mount points that isolate vibrations and keep them away from the hands.

For stability, all Classic leaf blowers come with larger rear tires and a smaller caster wheel in the front. The wider rear tires enhance the equipmentā€™s stability while evenly distributing its weight over a larger surface, reducing the likelihood that the blower will damage the grass or cause permanent wheel marks to be left behind as it clears away fall foliage and occasional storm debris. The smaller caster in front of the blower allows for greater stability, which enhances operators’ safety around corners, on steep hills, or on uneven terrain around the home. Further enhancing both safety and blower durability is the use of 10-gauge steel materials for the handle, housing, impeller, and other key parts. The steel is designed to withstand debris, tips and falls, and other unwanted impacts, reducing the likelihood of costly maintenance or accidental operator injury with the engine engaged.

To ensure that all wind produced by the impeller is targeted at foliage, sticks and other debris items, the blower features a 4-inch by 4-inch opening that gives air 16 square inches of room to escape and target any debris facing the blower. The discharge can be adjusted on the fly to blow up or down, based on debris weight and the operator’s desired method of cleanup. Operators can also choose between identical wind discharge positions in front of the blower or on the side. This makes cleanup work even easier, with debris targeting that can come from on of two important directions at any given time.

Getting the Job Done: A Look at the Scag Classic Blower’s Specs

Feature-wise, the Scag Classic wheeled leaf blower is an impressive addition to any homeowner’s garage or toolshed. The blower’s impressive operating capacity involves more than just its biggest features, however. Under the hood, the Classic model’s technical specifications highlight a blower that produces a huge amount of air volume in typical operation. This makes for quicker and easier cleanup in larger outdoor areas, appealing specifically to time-crunched homeowners with lots of acreage to clear.

Every Scag Classic comes with a powerful, 5.7-horsepower Subaru SP170 engine. This engine is responsible for driving the four-blade impeller, which Scag touts as a “high-cfm impeller.” Indeed, this large impeller can produce up to 1,392 cfm at maximum capacity. That’s impressive because it easily places the Scag Classic above competing models from leading manufacturers in the consumer and commercial segments. The impeller achieves these impressive results because of its 15-inch diameter and the 3.5-inch width of its four blades.

With a slim blower housing, measuring just 4.5 inches wide, and a fully adjustable handle, the Scag Classic leaf blower is easily stored in a typical residential garage or toolshed. A narrow width and shallow depth also make this blower easier to maneuver around trees, flowerbeds, and other obstacles that typically dot the average lawn and make for headaches with competing wheeled models.

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