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Echo Safety GearUsing outdoor power equipment is a fact of life – whether you are a seasoned do-it-yourself’er – or you perform some occasional home maintenance duties – there will come at time that you will need to use power equipment.

Unfortunately, when the proper safety gear and procedures are not used, injuries can occur. Injuries range from serious life threatening injuries to annoying injuries. Using the proper safety gear can prevent these accidents from occurring.

Echo manufactures a variety of safety equipment for use with their outdoor power equipment. It’s important to follow the safety guidelines for all outdoor power tools, but it’s also important to invest in high-quality safety accessories. This can significantly limit the likelihood of injury or accident while using this type of equipment.

Echo brand earmuffs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 dB(A) when used properly. They are light-weight and offer substantial protection against hearing damage that could be caused by using high-volume power equipment. For those who work with power equipment regularly, hearing loss can accumulate over time and produce substantial long-term damage. For use with these earmuffs or on their own, there are also reusable earplugs. These earplugs are manufactured using high-quality vinyl and come with a carrying case that can be attached to your belt for easy access and storage. These ear muffs and earplugs meet industry standards for quality and function and they can significantly reduce your chances of irreversible hearing loss.
Depending on what type of work you are doing, you may also want to invest in a helmet system. There is a basic helmet system that includes a helmet, ear protection, and mesh face visor. This system can protect you from flying debris or ricochet and also protects your face from weather and other conditions. There is also a brushcutter system with a steel mesh visor and earmuffs. This system provides more substantial protection against flying brush and other materials. Composed out of sturdy, lasting materials, these helmets should offer lasting protection when using a variety of outdoor equipment.

For increased visibility, an Echo Premium Safety Vest can offer substantial protection. The vest is composed of neon material for greatest visibility and features 5-point tear-away panels for easy removal. A safety vest is imperative for those who work into the night or in other areas of low visibility. They are also important for those who work near roadways or other hazardous areas. Similarly, they can alert others who may be working with dangerous outdoor equipment.
Echo Shin Guards offer protection against a variety of potential hazards, from flying debris to outdoor equipment. They are composed of sturdy vinyl material meant to protect against heavy equipment and other dangerous materials. They can also protect legs from ricochet and offer comfort for long-term jobs. Echo’s shin guards are designed to be put on and removed quickly and easily. The vinyl outer material is long-lasting and easily washable.

Gloves are also a necessity for those working with outdoor equipment. There are different varieties available according to your needs. The sports and landscaping gloves can be used for recreational or smaller jobs. They are composed of flexible nylon and the wrist band is made of a material similar to Velcro. The gloves have formfitting fingers for added comfort and wearability. For added protection and comfort, the vibration reducing sports and landscaping gloves include high-quality leather padding in the palms. These gloves provide added protection against vibration from power equipment and ensure lasting comfort. Both of these types of gloves are available in sizes medium, large and extra large. There are also heavy-duty work gloves for use in long-term and more extensive projects. They provide greater wrist and hand support and protection against debris and harsh materials as well any outdoor equipment you’re using. These gloves are one size fits all.

Echo also produces a line of safety glasses in a variety of styles and types. All of their safety glasses are composed of light-weight frames and polycarbonate lenses. They are made to be highly resistant against impact and also offer 99.9% protection against UV rays. Every model meets industry standards and provides lasting protection against a variety of dangers, from flying debris to harsh sunlight. It’s vital to invest in safety glasses in order to limit vision damage and other injuries.

With an Echo equipment bag, you can have a space to carry and store all of your safety equipment, clothing and other materials. Echo also provides safety manuals for all of its outdoor power equipment. These manuals provide important information and make it easier for you to limit accidents and injuries.

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