Overview of Yanmar LX HST Series Compact Utility Tractor

Large landscaping jobs require an appropriately powerful utility tractor that can both get the job done, and meet the ongoing demands of the landscape over a long period of time. One of the best ways to meet both of those needs is to opt for the Yanmar LX HST series of utility tractors. Cub Cadet Yanmar has always been associated with products that are easy to use, powerful on the job, and long-lasting, and the LX HST model is no exception to this rule. In fact, the company’s most powerful compact utility tractor expertly combines the need for easy driving, ample power, and affordability, making it a no-brainer for many landscaping and construction professionals.

The LX HST’s Selling Points: Great Features

One of three distinct engines can be found in the Yanmar LX HST series of utility tractors. The first of those is a respectable 41-horsepower engine that can get virtually every job completed in record time. For more demanding buyers, however, the company offers the option to slightly upgrade that engine to a larger model. The mid-range engine available for the LX HST series of utility tractors is appreciably more capable, producing 45-horsepower. Both engines are direct-injection engines, making them both powerful and efficient. At the high end, a turbo-charged direct-injection engine can be chosen, with a horsepower rating of 48.5.

The transmission featured in this line of utility tractors was specifically designed by Yanmar to give traditional vehicle transmissions a run for their money. The company has managed to develop a hydrostatic transmission that shifts virtually as smoothly and easily as the one found in most automobiles. Anyone who has used a competing model of utility tractor will appreciate just how innovative that achievement really is.

The weight capacities that can be handled by the LX HST series are staggering in many cases. The curved boom loader can manage up to 2,400 pounds, while the deluxe 3-point lift system can handle up to 2,700 pounds. The tractor comes with telescoping arms that will appropriately lift heavier loads in a number of different environments, making it an essential tool for big jobs.

The LX HST’s Best Uses

With a tractor this capable, it might be more appropriate to ask what uses are not the best ones for the Yanmar LX HST. That being said, the LX HST is perfect for virtually any landscaping job that has to be done. A mower attachment can be purchased, as can a rake and a tiller attachment. A post hole digger is available for this line of tractors, and a box scraper can be purchased as well.

For more demanding landscaping jobs that fall outside the traditional bounds of lawn care, Yanmar’s most powerful compact utility tractor can be paired with a rear blade or a backhoe in order to transport truly large objects. Everything from furniture to boulders will find their way into one of the many attachments available for this model.

The Importance of OEM Parts

Yanmar doesn’t just manufacture compact utility tractors. The company’s factories also¬†manufacture replacement parts that buyers might need over the course of their utility tractor ownership. From spark plugs and belts to replacement engines and engine parts, Yanmar offers them all officially through the company’s many dealers scattered around the country. This is important to note, as OEM replacement parts should be the only way to repair a Yanmar tractor or perform daily maintenance on its mechanical parts.

While off-brand parts might seem to be a good deal initially, they’re often built using unofficial specifications and non-approved manufacturing procedures. They’re not subject to the same quality assurance procedures and high manufacturing standards that Yanmar’s own parts must go through. They often do not last as long as OEM parts and, in some cases, they can be responsible for severely damaging the equipment they’ve been purchased for. OEM parts are easy to find for Yanmar products, and their high quality and longevity make them far more affordable in the long run.

Where to Buy OEM Parts

Consumers looking for Yanmar replacement parts need look no further than Shank’s Lawn Equipment. The company carries a large number of parts and, with an innovative parts lookup tool, finding those parts will take consumers just a few seconds. Parts can be found by using the model number of the tractor itself, or the specific Yanmar product family to which the utility tractor belongs.

Within a few minutes, the right OEM part will be located. Thanks to quick service and excellent handling, they’ll arrive and sound to consumers’ doorsteps just a few days later. That commitment to service only enhances the value of the Yanmar brand, and is a big boost for buyers of the company’s equipment.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has help thousands of people find the Outdoor Equipment that is right for their needs. If you are in the Washington County, MD or Berkely County, WV area, stop by Shank’s Lawn Equipment.

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