Overview of the Stander RH

stander-i-6-23-14Do you need the power and speed of a ZTR but want something with more flexibility, especially when dealing with different types of turf? The Wright Stander RH is designed with all the benefits of their standing position ZTRs and comes with a deck that can be moved on the fly to fit the terrain at hand.

Why Stand?

It’s called the “Stander” because the operator stands on a suspension-mounted platform at the rear of the mower instead of sitting on a seat at the center. This provides a clear view of the entire mower including the cutting deck. ZTR mowers turn by changing the speed of the drive wheels, and this design puts the operator directly over the axis of rotation. This makes it possible to turn quickly without being thrown around.

All the controls are directly in front of the operator, putting them within easy reach. The grab handle is surrounded by two pairs of handles that act the same as lap bars on a traditional ZTR, while other controls including the starter and brakes are either directly below or next to these handles.

A low center of gravity and a set of anti-tip wheels keep the mower planted. No ROPS is needed, reducing the mower’s height. The operator can adjust their position, making it easier to mow on slopes, and they can simply step away in unsafe situations.

The Stander’s design puts the engine directly over the deck for increased stability and easier access for maintenance. This mower is available with a choice of 5 Kawasaki engines: the 15 HP FS541, 18.5 HP FS600, 19 HP FX600, 22 HP FX691, and 23.5 HP FX730. Speaking of maintenance, every bearing is sealed, so the only work required on the mower during the season is engine maintenance and blade sharpening.

A Deck That Adjusts to Your Needs

“RH” stands for “Rapid Height.” The deck height on this model is adjusted using a lever that is within reach of the operator, allowing quick changes to be made while mowing. This makes it the perfect tool when dealing with a mix of high and low growing grasses. Need to go over a curb? The deck can be lifted to a height of 5 inches, then returned to the original height when you’re ready to mow again.

This mower comes with Wright’s Aero Core deck. At first glance, it may look like a standard constructed deck. However, look underneath and you’ll see that tapered surfaces have been added to give the mowing chamber a shape similar to a stamped deck, providing the suction needed to get a high quality finish. Anti-scalp rollers are included to ensure this surface is maintained on rough terrain. Wright offers the Stander RH with Aero Core decks in 36, 42, 48, and 52 inch widths, making this mower perfect for everything from small residential lawns to turf that stretches over several acres.

Where to Get Parts for the Wright Stander RH

Shanks Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Wright Commercial Products and Kawasaki Engines USA, providing the service and support you need to keep your Stander in top condition. Our shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can get here by taking Exit 10/Marion from Interstate 81. We’re just off Route 11.

Not in Pennsylvania? We can still ship the parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. Visit our website, www.shankslawn.com.

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