Overview of the Scag V Ride

Scag V Ride LawnmowerIn the world of lawn equipment it’s generally recognized that there are only two kinds of lawn mowers available to mainstream buyers: Walk behind models and riding mowers. Thanks in no small part to the team at Scag, though, that’s actually no longer the case. The company is one of the leading names producing “stand on” mowers. As their name implies, operators actually stand on the mower and use a number of power controls to steer the equipment through the lawn and take care of mowing.

Key Features: A Look at the V Ride Mower

One of the key things to look for when purchasing a stand on mower is a model that comes with a very low center of gravity. The reason for this is pretty simple: As the center of gravity on one of these mowers gets higher, its tendency to tip over increases. This can put the health and safety of the operator into serious danger in come case. Luckily, the V Ride comes with one of the lowest centers of gravity on the market, able to keep the operator on board even as they handle steeper lawns and uneven terrain.

One of the factors that lowers the center of gravity is also one of the mower’s other main features. The coil suspension system that accompanies the operator platform has been designed to lower the center of gravity by absorbing bumps, shocks, and turns, giving operators a feeling of greater stability and greater control over the mower’s direction. Furthermore, this helps to reduce the likelihood of injuries during a particularly long and strenuous mowing job.

The V Ride is generally intended for commercial purposes, and its engines speak to that intention. Kawasaki engines are standard across the board, though buyers can choose between the company’s popular FS or FX models depending on their needs and the size of the deck that they intend to use after purchase.

The Stand On Specs that Get the Job Done

Kawasaki FS or FX engines are standard equipment on every V Ride model, and all of these engines are twin cylinder models that offer a significant amount of power during mowing. That’s because both the FS and FX are intended for commercial implementations, of course, and the V Ride is a mostly commercial mower.

As a testament to its place primarily in the commercial mowing industry, some very large mower decks are available for the Scag V Ride that make it a sure bet. The smallest deck available measures just 36 inches, but buyers can upgrade that to a 48-inch model, a 52-inch model, or a 61-inch model, all with varying gauges and designs intended to make mowing quicker, easier, and safer in the process.

For those who are in a hurry to get the job done, the Scag V Ride has another pretty great feature. The 36-inch model can power forward at a maximum speed of 7.7 miles per hour, and it can move in reverse at a slightly slower 6 mph rating. The slightly larger 48-inch and 52-inch models can travel a bit faster, hitting up to 8.5 miles per hour in forward motion. Finally, the 61-inch model can really up the ante at an 11 mph forward speed.

With twin lever steering controls and fuel tanks that measure either 5.5 or 8.0 gallons, buyers will find that they’re able to more intricately control the movements and motion of the mower during even large jobs. The larger fuel capacity reduces the need for a fill-up mid-task, and means that things can get done faster. Plus, the zero-turn nature of the V Ride means lawns will look more professional each time they’re mowed. It’s perhaps the most efficient combination of mowing features currently on the market in a model of this size and power capacity.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has the Scag Products Buyers Want

As stand on mowers achieve a wider degree of popularity, buyers everywhere are looking for companies that can help them acquire one of these unique models. Shank’s Lawn Equipment is just such a company, with a wide variety of Scag products and parts, as well as a variety of stand on mowers that will help buyers of all kinds, from professional landscapers to amateurs and homeowners.

For OEM Parts, Shank’s Lawn Equipment Can Help

One of the best things to look for in a dealer is their ability to stick by the products they sell well after the initial purchase. That’s exactly what Shank’s offers with its online parts lookup tool. Consumers can find every part they need for their mower based on the specific part number the mower’s model number, the engine manufacturer, or even the general type of equipment being used.

With a large selection of OEM parts and the right experience to provide professional service, buyers will enjoy quick and easy lookup, shipping, and installation, across the board.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has been providing expert service and equipment – so if you are in the Waterfall PA or Wells Tannery PA, area please stop by – to visit with an expert or just to say hi.




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