Overview of the Scag Cheetah

Scag CheetahThere comes a point during every summer season when the weather is too hot, and the air is too humid, for a prolonged mowing job in a commercial environment. When that happens, commercial landscapers usually look for the quickest way to either get the job done or delay it until the weather is a bit friendlier. Luckily, Scag seems to understand just how hot mid-summer weather can be.

The company’s Cheetah riding mower is designed to travel as fast as 16 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest such models on the market. With speeds that fast, most commercial landscapers will be able to get even the largest mowing job done before the sun and humidity begin to take their toll.

The Feature Breakdown: A Standout Riding Mower for Commercial Operators

The Scag Cheetah includes ZT-5400 transaxles, designed by Scag in its own factories, which enable the mower to travel at seriously high rates of speed. The Cheetah is unique among the company’s mowers, though, because it can actually be placed into two different operating modes. The low-speed mode allows the mower to move forward at a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour. This mode saves fuel and still gets the job done pretty quickly. When faster speeds are required, though, the high range mode can be switched on for a maximum forward speed that reaches as high as 16 miles per hour. It is this speed that gives the mower its Cheetah branding, and appropriately so.

Beyond the mere speed of the mower, though, the Cheetah is still a really impressive model for commercial landscaping tasks. It features a unique suspension system that not only holds the driver’s seat in place, but actually “isolates” it from what’s going on where the mower deck meets the ground. This suspension system makes for a very smooth ride, eliminating or seriously minimizing the number of bumps, jolts, and gravitational forces that affect the operator during usage.

As with the vast majority of Scag mowers, the Cheetah is a zero-turn model that effortlessly produces professional-looking landscapes in no time at all. When combined with the bump-free operating experience and the lightning fast forward speed, this mower is designed to make sure that even the toughest landscaping jobs can be conquered, no matter the weather or the deadline.

The Speedy Specifications that Make the Cheetah a Good Buy

Scag Cheetah buyers can choose from four engines, two of which belong to the Kawasaki FX series and feature v-twin architecture. In addition to the Kawasaki FX models, buyers can opt for a 34-horsepower Kohler Command Pro v-twin engine with air cooling, or a 36-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Big Block engine, also an air-cooled v-twin model. All four engines are sufficiently powerful for the Cheetah, even when the biggest mower decks are installed and the fastest forward speed is engaged.

It should be noted just how massive the Scag Cheetah is, even in its “smallest” configuration. By default, this very fast mower comes with a 61-inch mower deck that can produce football-field results immediately after purchase. While this large mowing deck will be enough for the vast majority of buyers, the company does allow for one upgrade to the deck size overall. Consider it a “just in case” upgrade for special circumstances. Buyers who need more mowing capacity will enjoy the 72-inch deck as one of the largest such mower decks available in any capacity, from any company.

The Scag Cheetah is one of the few commercial riding mowers with dual fuel tanks and, in this case, it places those tanks on either side of the mower for easy access. It all adds up to 15 gallons of fuel storage, which is more than many competing models. That allows even the biggest mowing jobs to be completed relatively quickly and without filling up halfway through the work. Those professionals who have used smaller fuel tanks will understand just how critical this feature is, especially when there just isn’t any extra fuel on hand in case the mower does run out.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has a Wide Selection of Scag Parts and Products

Those looking for a way to power through even the biggest mowing tasks should look no further than Scag’s innovative Cheetah riding mower. Shank’s Lawn Equipment has long had a relationship with Scag, selling the company’s products and numerous OEM parts to consumers at affordable and accessible prices. Today, that commitment applies to the Cheetah as well as to the wide variety of OEM parts needed for seasonal maintenance, occasional repairs, and other concerns that affect the commercial landscaping industry.

Trust the company’s long history in the industry, its capable service department, and its wide selection of parts to solve any problem and meet any need that a Scag Cheetah might have during and after purchase.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has been in business, providing parts, service and equipment to the surrounding areas. If you are in the Martinsburg or Falling Waters, WV area, stop by and see their facility.

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