Overview of the Exmark Metro Walk Behind Mower

Exmark Walk Behind MowerThe walk behind mower is often thought of as being second to the riding mower in terms of power and comfort, but Exmark is doing its best to prove that the riding mower can have some serious competition from walk behind models. The company‚Äôs unique Metro model comes with features that just can’t be found on any other walk behind mower on the market, increasing comfort and providing a roughly similar amount of power when compared to many entry-level riding mowers currently on the market.

Features of the Exmark Metro

The Exmark Metro is not an “average” walk behind mower. Indeed, a greater amount of attention and care has gone into the design, power and maintenance of this mower than has gone into many competing models. That includes the unique drive belt system, which allows for easy replacement of the drive belt without a large series of tools and complex procedures. Easier home maintenance is essential for consumer-focused walk behind mowers, so this is a refreshing change of pace when compared to most of the company’s competitors.

Large, well-balanced mower decks are paired with a v-twin engine that offers unparalleled power for a walk behind mower. The combination of this engine with the mower’s lightweight construction allows its self-propulsion to deliver forward speeds of more than 6 miles per hour. That’s actually faster than many riding models, and it means that large lawns will be completed even more quickly than they could be with a riding mower.

The Specs that Get the Job Done: An Impressive List

Exmark’s Metro walk behind mower is powered by a Kawasaki engine that employs v-twin technology. That mower allows for minimum forward speeds of 2 miles per hour and a maximum forward speed of 6.2 miles per hour. It also engages in reverse assist though this process is not nearly as fast as forward movement.

A 32-inch mower deck is offered with the Metro mowing system, and it comes standard with twin adjustable blades that can create anything from turf to longer lawns. Cutting heights range from just one inch to 4.25 inches based on adjustments.

Additional Exmark Metro walk behind mower models are available, with their chief benefit being larger deck sizes. A slightly upgraded model is available to mid-range consumers and offers a 36-inch mowing deck. A high-end model ships with a 48-inch mowing deck that is easily among the largest such decks offered by any current walk behind mower in this market segment.

Benefits of the Metro Walk Behind Mower System

Without a doubt, one of the key benefits of owning an Exmark Metro is the more ergonomic design of the mower’s handle. In virtually all other competing walk behind models, the handle is designed to be a solid, horizontal bar where the hands can rest and do most of the work during a mowing job. That’s comfortable for a little while, but after a long period of mowing, it can lead to quite a bit of fatigue.

The Exmark Metro fixes this problem by using enhanced ergonomics in the design of two separate hand rests. Instead of using a single, horizontal bar, the mower uses two handles that allow the hands to rest in a natural position. The result is wrist joints that are less strained, arms that are less fatigued and a more enjoyable mowing experience overall.

The added comfort of the mower is only enhanced by its v-twin engine, which is hard to find on many walk behind mowers currently offered to consumers. With no lack of power and maneuverability, the key benefit of choosing the Metro lies in performance and adaptability that will work well with any lawn size, type or terrain.

OEM Replacement Parts are the Key to Longevity

Exmark has gone out of its way to deliver a mower that can be more easily maintained and repaired than mowers from competing companies. When this maintenance is performed, whether it’s on a drive belt or another key part of the mower, it should be done only with OEM replacement parts.

OEM parts allow the mower to use products that were created by Exmark itself, in its own factories. That means that OEM parts come with better warranties and guarantees, as well as a higher level of quality and overall durability after they have been installed into the mower. It’s a level of performance that can’t be surpassed by off-brand alternatives.

Shanks Lawn Equipment provides an online parts lookup tool on its website, that makes locating, ordering and shipping replacement parts simple and fast.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a Great Place to Start

Whether it’s the pursuit of an Exmark mower or a quest for OEM replacement parts, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has the right combination of mowers, parts and expertise to help all kinds of consumers. The company’s history in the power equipment industry allows it to recommend the best mower, the right parts and the right service options, for both consumer and business customers who are new to the industry and need a reliable source of information.

If you are in the Fayetteville, Greenville or Mercersburg, PA area, please stop by and visit our location. Shanks Lawn has been in business since 1984, and we enjoy visiting with our customers.

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