Overview of the Exmark Lazer XS

Lazer_Z_X-Series_Outdoor_002For a commitment to pure power and an excellent mowing experience, few riding models compare to the top-of-the-line Exmark Lazer XS. The mower comes in several varieties that can satisfy everyone from the most demanding homeowner to enterprising landscaping operation at a large commercial business. With superior technology and a smooth ride, Exmark has managed to create one of the most attractive riding mowers currently on the market.

The Specs: Why the Exmark XS Brand is Taking Off

The people at Exmark apparently decided to cater directly those who feel that “more is always better” when they designed the XS series. That’s certainly true when considering the riding mower’s deck, which starts at whopping 48 inches. The size doesn’t stop there, however, with a few upgrades that can take the mower’s deck to 52 inches, 60 inches, and even 72 inches for those who need to get lots of mowing done in a very short amount of time.

A hydro drive system ensures that the mower can make sharper and tighter turns with less overall effort, keeping workers safe and relatively comfortable in scenarios that would be quite challenging when using competing models. The company calls this its “hydro drive” system, and it’s one of the smoothest on the market.

A 740cc displacement Kohler OHV engine is standard in each Exmark Lazer X model, and it’s fueled by a single 12-gallon tank that can be easily accessed when refueling becomes necessary. The mower can travel up to 10 miles per hour when going forward, and can reverse at speeds as high as six miles per hour, largely driven by the combination of the Kohler engine and the unique drive system on each model.

The Features: A Combination of Power and Luxury

Few riding mowers on the market tout things like the built-in cup holder that accompanies the comfortable seat on each Exmark Lazer XS model, but that might simply be because they don’t offer a cup holder at all. For those buyers who are interested in getting the job done while remaining in good comfort, the Exmark Lazer XS is the go-to model. In addition to its large built-in cup holder, the mower also comes with a 12-volt power jack that can be used to charge devices like iPhones, iPods, and a wide range of other smartphones. The music will no longer fall silent during a particularly long mowing job.

Further creature comforts found on this Exmark model include an iso-mount seat that is so named because it has been designed be isolated from the jolts and impacts of typical mowing jobs. This is done by using unique mounts that ensure a more ergonomic experience from start to finish.

The unique “UltraCut” deck is a floating model, which protects the blades and the deck itself from uneven terrain and sudden impacts. This is especially useful in environments where mowing and other landscaping work is being done on a steep grade or in a relatively uneven yard. Because it minimizes impacts and overall damage, the Exmark Lazer XS is generally a more durable mower for bigger mowing tasks. That makes it a sure bet for professional landscapers and other commercial enterprises.

The Benefits are Numerous for Lazer XS Buyers

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of the Exmark Lazer XS is its relatively large commitment to comfort throughout even the most challenging landscaping work. While it might be viewed by some professionals as excessive or unnecessary, the creature comforts found with this mower are actually a combination of good ergonomics and great design. By ensuring a better riding experience through an iso-mount seat, a 12-volt charging port, and even a cup holder, those who buy the XS are able to reduce the tension on their joints and stay better hydrated throughout their work.

With a powerful engine and a unique drive system, the mower operates more smoothly and is better suited for tight mowing environments that require maneuvering around obstacles. All mowers try to achieve this to some degree, but the Exmark Lazer XS has done a better job at actually making the mowing process easier and more enjoyable, even in tighter quarters. It represents a significant leap forward for homeowners with large or uneven lawns, as well as for landscaping professionals who need a mower that can adapt to virtually any environment.

From Mowers to Parts: Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a Great Choice

For the best combination of new Exmark Lazer XS models and OEM replacement parts, Shank’s Lawn Equipment represents a great option for discerning buyers. The company‚Äôs long history of excellent service and support will guide consumers through the buying process, a well as through regular maintenance. And, with a large line of OEM replacements available, there will be no compromise of quality or durability when performing maintenance or repairs on Exmark’s industry-leading riding mower.

Shanks provides a user-friendly parts lookup tool on the website. Locating parts by diagram, model or series ensures that the correct part is ordered everytime. Choose the shipping and payment options, and the part will be on it’s way.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has been providing expert service and equipment – so if you are in the Adams ,Cumberland or Franklin County, PA area – stop by Shanks Lawn Equipment, to visit with an expert or just to say hi.

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