Overview of the Cub Cadet 700 Series Snowthrower

Winter is in full swing, with many areas of the country seeing heavy snowfall. It is never too late to consider your options for this winter’s snow removal. It might be time for you to review a new snowblower to clear any snow or ice from walkways, driveways, and other locations. For those in the most extreme winter climates, there is perhaps no better piece of equipment for the job than Cub Cadet’s 700 Series line of snowblowers. These heavy-duty snowblowers are specifically designed to work on uneven terrain, and in deep snow accumulations, that typically characterize winters in the Upper Midwest and, Mid-Atlantic, and New England regions of the country.

With weight distribution and transfer systems, wide and high intake areas, and solid construction, Cub Cadet has ensured that its reputation as a durable, reliable, and affordable home equipment manufacturer lives to see another day. And homeowners who routinely deal with major winter storms will be thankful that the company has put such great attention to detail into this line of snowblowers.

Snowblowers on Wheels Take a Back Seat to Snowblowers on Tracks

The 700 Series of Cub Cadet snowblowers features a track drive system that puts many competing snowblowers to shame. The company’s innovative track drive system features a weight distribution system that actually allows the snowblower to dynamically shift its weight to either the left or right side. That means uneven terrain and challenging snow accumulations will be no match for the 700 Series, which will navigate both situations with relative ease.

Power Steering and One-Handed Operation for Easy Cleanup

In addition to its innovative track system and weight distribution mechanism, the snowblower comes with what Cub Cadet calls its Zero-Turn Posi-Steer system. Essentially, this name applies to an exclusive power steering system that allows for the snowblower to make sharp turns very quickly. Tight angles and steep terrains are no match for the 700 Series. When combined with the one-handed operation permitted by the four-way snow chute on this model, homeowners will find that cleaning up after a major snowstorm is almost so easy that it’s become fun.

Cub Cadet Parts: OEM Models are Recommended

It can be tempting to look for off-brand parts when conducting maintenance on a Cub Cadet snowblower, or any company’s line of snowblower products. After all, those products are usually easy to find and even more affordable than parts that come from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The problem, of course, is that they don’t come from the company that actually manufactured the equipment. That means they’re subject to far lower levels of quality, less support, and a longer life within the snowblower itself.

OEM replacement parts for Cub Cadet snowblowers are a far better option to pursue when performing maintenance on the 700 Series or any model the company manufactures. That’s because they’re subject to the same standards, quality checks, warranties, and support that the full snowblower itself comes with. The parts are made by the same people who made the equipment, and that maximizes compatibility and longevity. Best of all, with a wide network of dealers nationwide, it’s easy to find the right OEM parts close to home without much of a hassle.

Where to Buy OEM Parts for the Cub Cadet 700 Series

Even though Cub Cadet maintains a vast network of dealers nationwide, it can be hard for some customers to know where to look for replacement parts when servicing a snowblower. Luckily, Shank’s Lawn Equipment serves as a one-stop shop for customers who need a snowblower, some peace of mind, and a wide assortment of OEM parts for the equipment they purchase. The company maintains a very intuitive parts lookup tool that can find parts based on the manufacturer, model number, and product family that the consumer owns. With several levels of searching and filtering, customers can make their search as broad or as narrow as they prefer.

Best of all, the parts lookup tool is extremely convenient and it allows for new parts to be found without ever leaving the home or office. Simply use the drop-down boxes provided, and Shank’s Lawn Equipment will return the right parts at the right prices. After a few more steps, parts can be bought, paid for, and delivered, ensuring that a 700 Series snowblower will be ready to handle the next blizzard or nor’easter that Mother Nature throws its way.

Since 1984, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has provided thousands of people with the best outdoor power equipment on the market. If you’re in the Adams County, PA, Washington County, MD or Berkeley County, WV , area and need service for your Cub Cadet 700 Series,  be sure to stop by Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Or visit them online at www.shankslawn.com, to order parts for your Cub Cadet 700 Series Snowthrower.

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