Overview of Exmark Lazer Z Lawnmower

Lazer_Z_DS-Series_Outdoor_001Exmark has a long history of producing quality outdoor power equipment.The Exmark Lazer Z Lawnmower series is no exception. Exmark has once again hit a homerun with the Lazer Z Lawnmower series, which makes yard maintenance less of a chore and more of an event.

Exmark offers five Lazer Z zero-turn riding lawnmower models: Lazer Z E Series, Lazer Z S Series, Lazer Z X Series, Lazer Z DS Series, and Lazer Z Propane.

What makes the Exmark Lazer Z Different?

All Lazer Z Series models have a welded heavy-duty unibody, (1.5″ x 3″ tubular steel) tractor frame. All models come equipped with the same steering control that has hydraulically dampened twin levers that adjust front and back. The driver can adjust the dampers to any of the three positions. The height may be adjusted to one of 2 positions.

All E, S, X, DS and Propane series models have 13 x 5.0-6, semi-pneumatic, smooth-tread front caster tires. Traction is an important feature. Lazer Z E and S Series have 23 x 9.5-12, Turf Master® drive tires. The DS Series has 26 x 12.0-12, 4-ply Multi-Trac.® and the Propane Series has 24 x 12-12, Turf Master® drive tires.

Lazer Z Series E, S, X, and Propane models have lever-actuated disc parking brakes. The Lazer Z DS Series comes equipped with a lever-actuated drum and band parking brake that is integrated with a transmission-neutral interlock.

The Exmark signature seat is modified to suit each series. Series E has a high-back, commercial-grade contoured foam padded seat with armrests. The operator may adjust the seat forward and back from their sitting position. The Lazer Z S, X, DS, and Propane Series come with a bolstered, two-tone, deluxe seat covered with Exmark’s patented EVC (Elastomeric Vibration Control) stretch material.

The S, X and Propane models are also mounted on Exmark’s patented Seat Isolation System. The Seat Isolation System is designed to reduce lateral and vertical motion for greater operator comfort. This seat system also slides forward and back, and the seat flips up for ease of access. Series DS seats adjust to accommodate the operator’s weight. They have added padding, adjustable armrests and hinged mounting.

All Lazer Z mower models have no maintenance, sealed and “non-greasable” blade spindles. Blade spindle dimensions vary with each series. E, S, X, DS and Propane Series models have a 7.75 in. dia. cutter housing. Series E and S have a 0.98 in. (25 mm) dia. spindle shaft and splined blade driver. The X Series has a 1.18 in. (30 mm) dia. splined blade driver and spindle shaft . The DS Series mowers have a 1.75 in. dia. splined blade driver and 1.18 in. dia. spindle shaft.

All Lazer Z models come with a 12-volt battery. The Lazer Z E, S and X Series models have a 15-amp alternator. Series DS mowers come with 60-amp alternators and Series Propane mowers have 20-amp alternators.


A primary feature is Exmark’s ergonomic Lazer Z seating system. In an effort to improve on conventional springs and padding, Exmark researched driver pressure points as well as the lateral and vertical lawnmower motions. The Lazer Z designed driver’s seat includes:

  • Scissor-link ball bearing suspension that only permits 3-inch vertical travel
  • Patented elastomeric vibration control (EVC) stretch fabric,
  • Patented vertical and lateral motion isolation, called the Iso-Mount Isolation System, that reduces vertical motion by ½ inch and lateral motion by ¾ inch, and
  • Custom plush foam covered by cut-n-sew vinyl.

Additional “Custom” Features:

  • The E Series folds for transport and has a rollover protection system (ROPS)
  • The S and Propane Series have an additional feathering system and boasts a single fill, 12-gallon tank
  • Series X has an “UltraCut™ Series 6” full floating cutting deck with a durable bearing design that only needs servicing once a year.
  • The DS Series has a heavy duty frame and is designed to maximize airflow, keeping the mower cooler and lasting longer.

Commercial or Residential?

Despite the high quality standards followed by Exmark, the lawnmower will still need repairs and replacement parts during regular maintenance. Exmark recommends OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts only. These OEM parts are guaranteed to be compatible and are manufactured with Exmark’s own high – quality standards.

Shanks Lawn Equipment provides an easy to use Parts Lookup Tool, which enables users to identify parts needed by diagram or series number – order, pay and ship in one process. The parts are at your door in no time at all.

OEM replacement parts may be easily ordered online at www.shankslawn.com. Or, if you are in the 717, 301 or 240 area code, stop by and visit with an Exmark Expert. Shanks Lawn has been in business since 1984 and there is not a yard maintenance question that we cannot help you figure out.


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