Overview of Cub Cadet Yanmar Subcompact SC 2400 Series

The Yanmar subcompact might rank as the smallest tractor that Yanmar produces. However, Yanmar engineers tractor components to exacting specifications, so consumers can enjoy the kind of power and utility they would expect from larger and more expensive models. Efficient engines, transmissions, hydraulics and fuel injectors give consistent performances and handle the toughest jobs.

The subcompact offers traveling speeds of 6.0 to 9.3 miles per hour going forward or 3.6 to 5.6 mph in reverse, and the 11-gauge steel reinforced deck and durable roller bearings offer powerful utility for rugged gardening and construction work.

Outstanding Features Rival Larger Tractors

The Yanmar Subcompact SC 2400 delivers remarkable fuel efficiency with its three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. The advanced design of the combustion chamber atomizes fuel for longer piston strokes and better torque, delivering reliable 24 horsepower with an indirect fuel-injection system.

Features include separate hydraulic pumps to deliver smooth power to the large selection of accessories without compromising engine horsepower. Drivers enjoy the abilities to maneuver over rough terrain, accelerate when needed, and still deliver efficient power to working accessories.

Unique features include the following attributes:

  • The interior has a cellphone pocket and cupholder for operator convenience.
  • A one-piece hood makes cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • The subcompact includes a 12-volt DC outlet for accessory connectivity.
  • The illuminated dashboard includes an extra-wide operator station.
  • Controls feature reverse override switches, power steering, and cruise controls, so operators can concentrate on their work.
  • The fuel tank has a low mounting to facilitate refueling.

Specifications Offer Superior Performance

Operators can select two-wheel or four-wheel drive, depending on terrain and job difficulty. The subcompact tractor holds 3.4 quarts of coolant, 2.5 quarts of oil, and 2.0 gallons of transmission fluid. Warranties cover attachments for one year and the tractor for two years or 2,000 hours. The hydraulic lift rises to full height in 3.5 seconds, lifting up to 700 pounds at the pivot pins. Bucket width measures 48 inches, and the interior capacity is five cubic feet. The bucket extends up to 500 millimeters beyond the pins, and the maximum lift capacity at full extension is 550 pounds.

Other specifications include the following details:

  • Maximum height reach is 27 inches.
  • The bucket reaches 40 inches when on the ground clearance measures 54 inches.
  • Rollback time for attachments takes 2 seconds, and dumping time takes 1.5 seconds.
  • The fuel tank holds 5.8 gallons of diesel.

Accessories Add Many Options for General Utility

The Yanmar Subcompact SC 2400 performs a wide variety of tasks with optional attachments, offering amazing versatility for a smaller tractor. S

Accessories Available:

CL100 Loader:The versatile loader features reinforced-steel deck edging and bucket-wear plates. Intelligent engineering offers clear sight lines for better bucket visibility for lifting and dumping with greater accuracy

Rear Finishing Mower: This mower helps reduce clippings to manageable sizes and disperses them evenly. The rear-mounted blades adjust from one inch to four inches for cleaner cuts on various types of landscaping and lawns.

 Front-Mounted Snowblower: The 45-inch blower exceeds the width of the tractor for efficient snow removal. Reinforced rods and augurs offer powerful strength to handle heavy snows and ice. The heavy-duty chain drive delivers enough power for blizzard conditions.

Curved Boom Backhoe: This backhoe includes intuitive controls, offering the same utility of larger models. Operators can learn quickly to grade and level, dig deeper, and avoid obstructions due to the curved boom design that enhances sight lines.

Other accessories include: Swivel seats, the GG10 Grille Guard, HC100 Hard Cab Assembly, Triple-Bagger Grass Collection System, Dozerblade, Rear Blade, Box Scraper, and others for all types of garden and earth moving duties.

Uses for the Subcompact SC 2400 Tractor:

Subcompact tractors handle surprising numbers of chores such as mowing large acreage, tilling soil, grading landscapes, pushing gravel, handling topsoil and mulch, hauling firewood, moving snow, and hauling rock.

Called a garden or lawn tractor, the subcompact serves as a handy riding mower, fertilizer spreader, leaf sweeper, dethatcher, and grass bagger. The tractor pulls garden carts, clears driveways of snow, and offers most of the conveniences of a larger tractor. Of course, a subcompact tractor makes sense for people who need a multitasking machine. The SC 2400 from Yanmar makes a superior choice for people who need affordable versatility and reliability in a subcompact tractor

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