Overview of Brown Brush Ox

Brown BrushOxWhen it comes to keeping bushes and weeds in check, there are few companies more committed to the home landscaper than Brown. The company’s equipment can handle everything from edging flower beds to digging trenches, and its Brush Ox equipment can easily handle cutting down large bushes and chipping them so that the lawn remains free of over-growth. During its time in the home landscaping market, Brown has only improved the speed, power and accuracy of the Brush Ox, making it a great value for homeowners who have larger and less traditional lawns to maintain throughout the year.

Features that Make the Brush Ox a Natural Choice

The Brush Ox comes with a system that Brown calls the “quadro blade.” Simply put, the system includes two blades that are sharpened at both ends. This is sort of like a twin-blade lawn mower system but designed specifically for cutting and trimming down bushes and hedges. The blades are kept safely within the equipment, and buyers are safe when walking behind it as intended.

The Brush Ox comes with the ability to cut hedges, bushes and even saplings that are up to 3 inches in diameter. This allows the system to handle virtually any common issue in consumers’ lawns and will erase the need for a larger trimmer. A full 129 blade strikes per second allows the Brush Ox to more quickly and efficiently power through even the thickest saplings, putting its nearest competitors to shame.

A Look at Brown’s Brush Ox Specs

The Brush Ox is powered by a Honda GX 390 engine that can produce a maximum of 13 horsepower. That’s easily one of the most powerful engines in power equipment of this type, and it explains why the company’s dual-blade system can actually spin faster than the blades on competing models. It powers through jobs with 129 blade strikes per second, handles saplings of up to 3 inches in diameter and can chip up to a half-inch in size.

A hydrostatic transaxle allows for the system to move both forward and in reverse, and both movements are done a bit faster than the competition. Driving and steering controls are done using a one-hand driving system that is unique to Brown and very easy to use.

Benefits of the Brown Brush Ox System

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing the Brown Brush Ox is its unique quadro blade system, which allows it to cut larger saplings and hedges at a higher rate of speed than virtually any of the company’s nearest competitors. This dual-blade system with dual sharpened edges can actually reduce the time it takes to clear the lawn of larger weeds, bushes, saplings and other eyesores.

The system itself is also highly compact, which has been a trend in the industry at large for the past several years. With each new model, companies like Brown are focusing on a smaller overall size, reduced weight and increased power. This is possible due to advances in engine technology, and Brown puts those advances to good use. The Honda GX 390 is no slouch in the horsepower department, but most homeowners won’t notice an extremely heavy weight resulting from its inclusion.

With a front scalper, ground skids and a tightly controlled intake and output system, owners of the Brush Ox will be safe throughout operation. That’s true even when the equipment is in the thickest thorns or near the biggest saplings on the property, and it’s a welcome feature.

Always Use OEM Replacement Parts for Repairs and Maintenance

Equipment like the Brown Brush Ox is bound to come into contact with particularly thick and heavy debris, and that might result in a bit of damage to the system from time to time. Furthermore, power equipment requires regular maintenance in order to ensure that it’s in peak condition whenever it needs to be used. Homeowners will have several choices when shopping for replacement parts, but there is only one option that makes sense: OEM replacement parts made by Brown itself.

OEM parts are made in the company’s own factories, which means they have to stand up to the quality tests that any other product would at Brown’s manufacturing plants. That gives customers added peace of mind, as well as reassurance that the part will be compatible and durable, able to hold up in even the toughest conditions.

Choose Shank’s Lawn Equipment for Brown Brush Ox Parts and Purchases

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been in the power equipment industry for decades, and that gives the company a unique perspective on parts, products and service. Customers who choose Shank’s will have access to the largest variety of Brown power equipment, as well as to a large selection of OEM replacement parts that will serve them long after the initial purchase is complete.

With a great set of online resources like the parts lookup tool, and excellent in-person sales and service, the company should be the top choice for new Brown equipment buyers.

If you are in the Chambersburg, Fayetteville and Greencastle, PA area, and are in need of parts for your outdoor power equipment, stop by Shanks Lawn Equipment. With a huge inventory of replacement parts and many experts, we can help you out of almost any fix with your equipment.


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