Overview: Exmark Rotary Broom

Exmark Rotary BroomAnyone who’s used a snow blower or even a shovel on wetter, heavier snow knows that both of these tools typically leave a thin layer of frozen precipitation behind, often turning it into ice and making things a bit treacherous. Likewise, wet leaves can be nearly impossible to break up, blow, or vacuum, making it hard to manage paved surfaces during the autumn months each year. Perhaps the best solution to these and other, similar problems is equipment like the Exmark rotary broom. The broom is designed with a specific type of bristle, rotating over harder surface to remove snow and ice, break up leaves and litter, and make outdoor messes a great deal easier to clean up.

As is typical of all Exmark equipment, the rotary broom is paired with a strong engine that can be effectively used in all seasons. The equipment’s features exemplify attention to detail, with everything from better handlebars and grips to integrated tie-downs designed to meet the needs of professional landscapers or contractors on the go.

Under the Hood: A Look at the Exmark Rotary Broom’s Specifications

Exmark’s rotary broom comes with a Kohler Command Engine, which helps the equipment work quickly and effectively, all without reducing efficiency or using a bit too much fuel to get the job done. This powerful Kohler engine is paired with power steering, with both left-handed and right-handed clutch control. The rotary broom has a fraction disc transmission and offers easy operation even in smaller spaces or uneven paved areas. A 4.2-quart fuel tank allows operators to keep working for extended periods of time without stopping in the middle of their work to let the equipment cool, refuel the rotary broom, and pick up where they left off.

The rotary broom itself is the perfect combination of a larger width and a compact overall size. Operators will enjoy a 36-inch broom width that makes easy work of traditional sidewalks, and capably tackles even most driveways or larger parking areas with just a few passes. The broom’s 25-inch diameter helps it deal with larger items and more demanding icy precipitation without getting clogged or jammed, which is a great benefit of Exmark’s design over competing options. A total of 18 separate wafers further enhances this commitment to swift operation with a lack of clogs or other inefficiencies.

Exmark’s rotary broom weighs in at 350 pounds. While that’s certainly not light the equipment is still rather portable when compared to both larger options on the market and competing boom models of a similar size. It will definitely require at least two sets of hands to be trailered and transported, but most contractors and landscapers using one of these brooms typically has they help they need already available to them.

The Real Difference is in the Exmark’s Unique Features

It’s easy for power equipment companies to compete merely in terms of equipment specs, but the Exmark rotary broom takes this a step further by innovating in terms of helpful features and thoughtful additions to the equipment’s design. The first of these features is perhaps the most simple: Integrated tie-down notches and slots that simply make it easier and more straightforward to trailer the equipment and transport it between jobs.

Another key feature that allows the Exmark model to function throughout all seasons is the Kohler engine’s unique, 180-degree air intake rotation. This feature is hard to find on several competing models, and it ensures that Exmark’s rotary broom can handle both hot and cold weather with relative ease.

In addition to an engine that effortlessly adapts to the seasons, Exmark’s rotary broom features operator-centric controls that are thoughtfully designed. Independent levers are used to control the broom and drive systems. The transmission, with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds, is also smoother than most operators are used to. When combined with the redesigned handle and rubber casing, this means the rotary broom simply transfers fewer vibrations to the operator. With less overall fatigue during regular use and a greater commitment to efficiency throughout the job, Exmark’s rotary broom will require less effort and sap less of the operator’s energy during both smaller and larger tasks all year long.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has the Exmark Rotary Broom and Plenty of OEM Parts

Customers looking for either their first rotary broom or a great replacement product should consider Shank’s Lawn Equipment during their shopping process. The company offers a superior commitment to value for customers, with a full lineup of both Exmark products and plenty of OEM replacement parts.

With lots of parts on hand and decades of experience selling equipment to home landscapers, professional contractors, and everyone in between, buyers will find the rotary brooms, replacement parts, and maintenance necessities that they need to get their job done quickly, efficiently, and with less effort than ever before. If you are in the Waterfall PA or Wells Tannery PA, area please stop by – to visit with an expert or just to say hi.

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