Overview Cub Cadet Yanmar Compact SX 3100 Series

Sometimes, there’s just no other way to get big landscaping work done than to resort to a heavy-duty, all-year tractor. When nothing else will do, Yanmar offers one of the best options on the market. The company, which has always had a reputation for producing some of the most powerful and long-lasting power equipment on the market, also makes one of the best year-round tractors that can tackle everything from basic yard work to moving dirt, plowing snow, and clearing large spaces with an optional snowblower attachment. It can even handle the hard work of moving things like rocks, trees, and other debris.

For those in the business of getting big things done in record time, there is probably no match for the Yanmar SX 3100. The tractor is as heavy-duty as they come, and its size, versatility, and raw power, will be able to handle virtually any task that an operator can throw at it.

A Number of Great, Innovative Features

Yanmar has never sold its customers short when it comes to packing innovative features into each product the company sells. That certainly holds true with the SX 3100 series of heavy-duty tractors, as the company has made the purchase well worth the while of those in need. The Yanmar SX 3100 uses a direct-injection engine that is capable of producing 31.2 horsepower. That’s a really great engine for a tractor, but it’s backed up by something even more impressive. Thanks to the direct-engine architecture of the engine, as well as some Yanmar-specific innovations, the engine is also one of the most efficient on the market. The SX 3100 uses less fuel and gets more things done, giving it an edge in value and long-term operating costs.

The tractor comes with a two-range hydrostatic transmission, which in and of itself is a big boost to those in the landscaping and construction sectors. The transmission is comparable to those in regular vehicles, especially because it manages to shift so smoothly and offer a superior driving experience. Where it differs, though, is its ability to shift into an infinite amount of ground speeds. Additionally, there’s no clutch, no gears, and no shifting. The gas pedal does it all.

The SX 3100 also comes with a high-back seat that allows for maximum comfort, and the engine can be operated using a built-in cruise control feature that saves from constant pressing of the pedal during big jobs. That frees up concentration to work harder and more efficiently, and it’s a welcome new feature on this heavy-duty line of all-purpose tractors.

The Specs: An Impressive Piece of Equipment

The SX 3100 features a 31.2-horsepower direct injection engine that utilizes diesel fuel over standard gasoline, improving efficiency. A 7.1-gallon fuel tank comes standard, and this will help to minimize the amount of trips taken to refueling stations in order to keep the tractor on course each day. The SX 3100 can travel at up to 15 miles per hour when going forward, and up to almost 5 miles per hour when in reverse.

With a liquid-cooled engine, the tractor can be expected to perform as well in brutally hot climates as it can on frigid days when it’s more adept at clearing snow and plowing driveways free of ice.

Lots of Available Accessories

In terms of accessories, the SX 3100 comes with a large number of attachments that will prove useful all year long. A front-end loader can be used to lift objects or plow dirt and snow, while a backhoe can be used in other scenarios. A snowblower attachment is available for colder months, while a rear finishing mower and a drive-over mower attachment can keep turf in shape all summer long.

A rear blade, landscape rake, post digging attachment, tiller, and box scraper are also available for the SX 3100, making it easily one of the most high-powered and versatile heavy-duty tractors available to consumers today.

Finding the Right Market: Who Needs This Yanmar Model

The Yanmar SX 3100 is certainly not for everyone, as it offers the kind of power and flexibility that will only become useful in truly demanding settings. For those charged with taking care of things like a golf course’s turf, a school’s athletic fields, or a company’s gardens, the Yanmar is a great asset and might make the job a lot easier. Homeowners will likely not require the SX 3100, and those with smaller sports fields or gardens probably won’t either. This particular tractor is designed to be used during truly large-scale jobs.

A Great Model for the Most Demanding Buyers

Professional landscapers know that there really is no substitute for raw power and year-round versatility. Yanmar knows that, too, and has designed the SX 3100 to be useful all year round in a variety of highly demanding and intense situations. It’s an excellent addition or upgrade for any committed team of landscaping professionals.

Replacement Parts

Cub Cadet recommends OEM parts only. OEM parts are guaranteed compatible and are manufactured with the same high standards as the original equipment.

Where to buy

Shankslawn provides an easy to use online parts ordering tool on their website www.shankslawn.com. Parts are easily identified, ordered and shipped online. However, if you are in the Adams County, PA or Cumberland, PA area, please visit us at Shankslawn.



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