Outfitting Your Snowdog Power Sled

Snowmobiles are great for winter fun, but they’re big, heavy, thirsty and expensive. If you’re looking for something more affordable and manageable, a Snowdog is a great alternative. Modeled after dog sleds, these machines can be used on their own, or in combination with trailers and other accessories. This makes it easy to transport cargo and people, and they can even be used to maintain snow trails. Here are some of the ways you can outfit your motorized sled.

Cargo and Passenger Accessories

Sled: While the sled may look like a simple composite bucket, it has rails built into the bottom to glide over snow and ice. This keeps the center of gravity low for stability. A damper device built into the hitch keeps the sled from jiggling around when accelerating and braking. You can outfit the sled with narrower steel skates for better performance on ice.

Standard chair: This heavy-duty chair has a built-in hand rail. One passenger can sit in the chair, while a second passenger can stand behind them.

Rotating chair: If you prefer comfort over capacity, Snowdog makes a rotating seat without the hand rail. This rotating chair has built-in storage for drinks and small items.

Cargo semi-trailer: This trailer comes with the standard chair from the factory. It rides on low pressure tires, allowing it to be used year-round to carry people and cargo. The back of the trailer folds down, so it can be used to carry boards, skis and other long items.

Sport semi-trailer: This is a stand-on trailer that functions like a sulky on a commercial walk-behind mower. It gives you a more comfortable platform to stand on, providing a clear view of the surrounding area while operating your vehicle. This chariot uses the same low pressure tires as the cargo semi-trailer. It has a hitch on the back to connect additional cargo or passenger trailers.

Snowdog Upgrades

Handlebar warmer mitts: These mitts are made from three layers of waterproof Oxford fabric. They have plenty of room to let you reach the controls while shielding your hands from snow and wind. Snowdog offers these in plain black and a white camo pattern that blends in with winter forests.

Handlebar bag: This bag is made from the same fabric as the mitts, and is offered in the same color options. It has a transparent window sewn into the top that protects your phone or navigation device while keeping the screen visible.

Slider suspension: This replaces the sprung wheels that support the bottom of your Snowdog’s tracks. By adding full length support, this suspension improves traction on deep snow.

Snow Maintenance

Groomers: The low ground pressure of a Snowdog makes it an ideal vehicle for dragging a groomer. These devices use a weighted flat plate to smooth out snow for recreational use. There are two versions available:

The ski trail groomer compacts snow, preparing trails for cross-country skiing. It creates a wide compacted snow surface.

The single track groomer prepares single track trails. The groomer by itself is 20.5 inches wide, extending to 34 inches wide when used with the included side panels. This groomer is ideal for preparing fat tire bike trails.

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