Outfitting Your MultiOne Loader for Snow Clearing

Multi-One 10 SeriesFrom wineries to warehouses, if there’s a job to do, MultiOne makes an attachment for their mini loaders that can do it. Even snow clearing is easy with these machines. Here’s what you need to know to equip your mini loader for snow removal and cold weather use.


Which shape of snowplow do you need to clear snow off of sidewalks and parking lots? With this attachment, you don’t have to choose. It has hydraulically-adjusted sections that tilt to the following configurations:
– 30 degrees left or right to push snow to the side
– “V” shape for busting through tall, thick snow
– Straight for gather snow into piles
– Scoop for shaping piles

This blade uses spring mounts that absorb shocks and allow the blade to trip forward when striking objects, saving wear on the blade.

The snowplow is available in three models with maximum widths ranging from 49.6 to 90.5 inches. Extension wings and a floating adapter can be added to any model to improve performance.

Snow Blade

This simple, flat blade is perfect for clearing light to moderate accumulation on sidewalks and driveways. Like the snowplow, its spring mount lets the blade to trip forward when striking objects. The plastic scraping edge is reversible and can be replaced once it’s worn out. A hydraulic tilt mechanism lets you angle the blade 30 degrees left or right using the in-cab controls. The snow blade is available in widths ranging from 55 to 83 inches. The largest blade is compatible with 4.2 and larger loader, although Multi-One recommends using a 7.3 or larger loader. A floating boom valve is required to use this attachment.

Snow Blower

Why buy a stand-alone snowblower when you can harness the power of your mini loader? This series of two-stage snowblowers come with a hydraulically-actuated chute that rotates 200 degrees, and a cable-operated deflector to change the height of the snow exiting the chute. Both controls are within reach of the operator’s seat.

MultiOne offers 6 snowblower models. The 100 has a clearing width of 39.4 inches, and the 120 has a clearing width of 47.2 inches. These attachments are compatible with most mini loaders. The 130 HD and 140 HD clear 51.2 and 55.1 inches respectively. They work with 4.2 and larger loaders. The 63 inch wide 160D works with 6.3 and larger loaders, while the 70.9 inch 180 HD is compatible with 9.6 and 10 Series loaders. A floating boom valve is required to use this attachment.

Rotary Broom

This broom scrapes off caked-on snow, mud, and debris, leaving a clean surface. Adjustable casters make it easy to get a consistent height, while the blade can tilt 30 degrees in either direction to push debris to the side as they’re lifted off of the pavement. Extensions can be lowered to support this attachment, keeping the nylon bristles off of the ground during storage. The rotary broom is available in 44.5 and 54.7-inch widths. A floating boom valve is required to use this attachment.

Drop Spreader

This combination bucket and feeder makes it easy to lay down ice melting materials. The spreader can be loaded like a regular bucket, scooping up salt at ground level. Once filled, metallic mesh keeps the salt inside the bucket. A mixer axle in the bottom of the bucket breaks up salt, preventing clogs. Adjustable stop springs across the spreader bar ensure material is evenly distributed. This attachment is available with a 16.6 cubic foot bucket and 49.2-inch drop width for 4.2 and larger loaders, and a 20.5 cubic foot bucket with a 57-inch drop width for 6.3 and larger loaders.

Customizations for Comfort

Tools only go so far if the operator is fighting frostbite and exposure. Fortunately, it’s easy to outfit a MultiOne loader for the worst winter weather.

You can start by adding a smart cabin or enclose your loader’s cab in glass, protecting the operator from exposure without hindering visibility. Add a heater, and the cab will stay warm in the harshest conditions. Need to warm up faster, or want some protection without the cab? Add an electric heated seat.

To help your loader handle the cold, you can add a block heater to pre-heat the engine for cold starts. Attaching snow chains increases grip on slick surfaces while adding road lights lets you keep working when the sun goes down.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is Your MultiOne Headquarters

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