Oregon ST250 vs ST275 Cordless Trimmer/Edger

Oregon 250 TrimmerWhile lawn mowing might be the best way to ensure a healthy, aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment around the home, a mower is not the only essential tool in a homeowner’s shed. In fact, trimmers and edgers are another significant addition that combine to take care of the finer details. Whether it’s creating a perfectly defined edge around sidewalks, driveways, and flowerbeds, or simply trimming hard-to-mow areas so that they’re consistent with the rest of the lawn, these more detail-oriented tools should be a key part of regular outdoor landscaping work. Oregon’s battery-powered models come with the convenience of 2-in-1 operation and cordless, battery-operated freedom. The benefits of this technology will make lawn work easier and a bit less fatiguing for the average operator.
The Similarities: How the ST250 and ST275 Oregon Trimmers Align

The ST250 and ST275 represent Oregon’s most popular trimmer-edger models for today’s homeowners. Though their model numbers differ and some of their features are a bit different, these two options actually offer many of the same features and benefits to today’s homeowners. Both the ST250 and ST275 trimmers come with a 40-volt maximum lithium-ion battery capacity. This sizeable capacity is better than competing models and allows for more continuous, sustained work around the home without stopping to recharge the equipment. For affordability purposes, the company also allows the purchase of smaller batteries that feature less capacity. This is a perfect option for those with smaller lawns, and actually reduces the price of either ST250 or ST275 ownership.

Both models are 2-in-1 pieces of equipment that combine edging and trimming for the ultimate in savings and versatility. Converting between these two modes is easy, and the company advertises that it takes only a few minutes of time prior to starting the engine and getting the job done. Thanks to the included lithium-ion battery technology, these trimmers both offer quiet operation. This makes it easy to trim and edge even late at night or early in the morning, since it will be virtually impossible for neighbors to hear the whisper-quiet engine in either model.

For durability during trimming, both the ST250 and ST275 come with Oregon’s unique Gatorline technology. This reinforced string is designed to withstand contact with rocks and other debris while working, reducing the likelihood of time-consuming string replacement or expensive equipment repair when a foreign object is encountered around the home. Both models feature dual cutting lines, for added consistency that keeps the lawn looking professional throughout the spring and summer. With the battery loaded, both trimmers are exceedingly light at just 9.4 pounds. Without the battery, each model is significantly lighter at just 6.7 pounds on average.

Thanks to their light weight and the excellent battery capacity available from Oregon, both of these trimmers can last for up to 2 hours during standard operation. That’s certainly plenty of operational capacity for the average homeowner, especially those with smaller lawns and only a small number of areas to be trimmed or edged.

Crucial Differences Between Oregon ST250 and ST275 Trimmer Models

Perhaps the biggest difference between the ST2350 and the ST275 is the RPM level of cutting and trimming. Despite its smaller size and less powerful level of operation, the ST250 actually offers a higher RPM rating. Maximum trimming speed for this model is currently rated at 7,000 RPM; by contrast, the upgraded ST275 offers 6,250 RPM at its highest level of performance. It should also be noted that the ST250 is paired only with the 2.4 Ah battery pack. The 4.0 Ah battery pack must be purchased separately, and cannot be included with an initial package. The ST275 offers three models, which include one without a battery, one with the 2.4 Ah battery, and one with the high-end 4.0 Ah battery model.

While both models are rated at 120 minutes of continuous use before a recharge is required, only the ST250 comes with the company’s unique SuperTwist design that enhances potential running time. This feature is included only out of necessity, however: A higher maximum RPM setting requires more power or less drag, and the SuperTwist system sufficiently reduces drag so that both the ST250 and ST275 offer the same battery life despite differing sets of features.

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