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Cordless ToolsCustomers typically have two options when purchasing handheld tools and landscaping accessories for use around the home. The first of these is a series of tools powered by gasoline, much like a typical walk behind lawn mower or riding mower. While powerful, these tools are pretty noisy, not very clean, and not nearly as enjoyable to use. Their large number of vibrations makes them a contributor to early operator fatigue.

Handheld tools powered by lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, allow homeowners to complete the same task with far less noise, virtually no emissions, and a significantly lower amount of fatigue even during the longest landscaping chores. Their eco-friendliness, greater efficiency, and easier method of use should make them a top choice. For those homeowners considering battery-powered, handheld tools, Oregon’s cordless tool system might be the best way too go.

Why Choose Oregon? Key Features to Consider

Oregon isn’t the only company producing an efficient, cutting-edge series of handheld landscaping tools for today’s homeowners. They are, however, one of the most fully featured and best-supported companies on the market for battery-powered, highly efficient home landscaping options. Each of the company’s many handheld products benefits from a unique set of features that will impress homeowners in routine use.

The first of these features is a high-value, interchangeable battery pack. All tools use the exact same battery, making it easy to swap out batteries for a charge or save money on replacements if a single battery runs into issues. This interchangeable design also makes it easy to buy higher-powered, higher-capacity battery packs from Oregon and use it in any of the company’s battery-powered handheld tools. Again, that’s a major commitment to value.

Thanks to the use of a battery-powered engine rather than a traditional gasoline engine, all Oregon cordless tools are exceedingly quiet. In fact, most homeowners can probably get away with using them early in the morning or late at night without the neighbors even noticing. This quiet operation comes from a different kind of engine, which also reduces the amount of vibration sent from the equipment to the operator. The reduction in operator fatigue is noticeable and welcome.

Alongside these key improvements for equipment operators, all Oregon tools are designed with thoughtful, ergonomic controls that make it easier to turn the equipment on or off, adjust key settings, or perform key maintenance checks. This includes “Instant On,” which eliminates starter grips and engine priming prior to operation. Beyond these standard features, some unique benefits characterize each of Oregon’s cordless tools.

1. Chain Saw

The Oregon cordless chain saw is a great way to get the job done without the hassle of an extension cord or the grime associated with a gas-powered engine. In addition to the standard features mentioned above, Oregon’s chain saw comes with the unique Powersharp system. Powersharp is essentially a chain sharpening system that can sharpen an entire chain in as little as three seconds. There’s perhaps no better maintenance routine than one that takes only a few seconds to complete!

2. Trimmers and Edgers

Two cordless trimmers are sold to customers in search of lithium-ion battery architecture. Both feature a 40-volt lithium-ion battery, which allows for maximum power when trimming through tougher areas or more stubborn growth around the home. The ST250, which is sold as the company’s high-end model, can cut at up to 7,000 rpm and features Oregon’s Platinum Gatorline string trimmer line. This cutting line is 0.80 inches wide and can slice through even the thickest obstructions without being damaged or causing unsightly cracking.

The slightly less speedy ST275 trimmer is still a great option for the typical homeowner, with a trimmer speed of up to 6,250 rpm. This model features a dual 0.80-inch Platinum Gatorline for effective cutting, which still pairs very well with even the reduced speed offered by this model.

3. Hedge Trimmers

The HT250 cordless trimmer features a 24-inch blade that comes with laser-cut plates. That means homeowners can expect a cleaner, quicker, and more efficient cut no matter how thick or hearty their hedges have become between trims. The equipment comes with the same 40V-maximum lithium-ion battery for long-term, enhanced performance in a variety of challenging settings. Thanks to a powerful engine and plenty of battery power to back it up, the hedge trimmer can handle up to 2,750 cutting strokes per minute in typical use cases.

Find the Best Oregon Cordless Equipment at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Customers in search of the most powerful and most efficient cordless products on the market should consider Oregon’s cordless tools to meet their needs. To find the best new Oregon tools on the market, those in south-central Pennsylvania, central Maryland, and northern Virginia should consider Shank’s Lawn Equipment. With sales expertise and even the ShanksLawn.com website to help with long-term maintenance needs and replacement parts, they’re sure to have everything that today’s homeowners need for great landscaping.

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