Oregon Cordless Pole Saw – PS250

Oregon 250 Pole SawOregon has been rethinking the way landscaping tasks are completed around the home. Once dominated by loud, fatigue-inducing gasoline engines, today’s homeowners are increasingly able to leave that engine behind in favor of battery-powered technology. That’s certainly the case with Oregon’s PS250 cordless pole saw. Powered by lithium-ion battery architecture, this unique pole saw leaves the loud engine out of the mix and allows homeowners to get the job done without suffering from elevated levels of fatigue, disturbing the neighbors, or releasing harmful emissions into the air. As a result, this innovative model should probably be the top choice for consumers who value comfort, convenience, and a more eco-friendly way to manage their outdoor spaces.

The Features: What Sets the PS250 Apart From the Traditional Competition?

The most notable difference consumers will notice when they pick up the PS250 pole saw is its lack of a clunky, traditional engine powered by oil and gas. The absence of this engine has a number of positive effects on equipment ownership. First and foremost, it means that this particular pole saw is significantly lighter than alternative models that use more traditional engines. This lessens operator fatigue significantly, and makes it possible to do longer, more continuous work without added strain and stress.

The absence of a gas-powered engine also has a positive impact on neighbors and those inside the home: The equipment is absolutely silent between cuts, and produces four times less noise during active work than a competing, gas-powered pole saw from other leading manufacturers. Battery technology also allows for the Oregon PowerNow feature, with instant-on power that features a refreshing lack of ripcords and starter grips.

The innovative, battery-powered nature of this equipment is just the beginning. Oregon’s PS250 pole saw has a mid-mount engine, which contributes to better balance during work and less fatigue when raising the saw to its highest level. Further comfort is ensured by the no-tool extendable handle. The handle ranges from just over 7 feet when fully contracted, to a bit over 10 feet when extended as far as possible. Ergonomic handle and pole design ensures that vibration transmission is eliminated, keeping repetitive stress to a minimum during extended tasks. It should be noted that those extended tasks could last for quite some time before requiring a charge, with up to 40V of power depending on chosen battery size.

Pole Saw Specs: A Look at What’s Behind Operation of the PS250 Model from Oregon

There are three options available when purchasing the Oregon PS250 pole saw, but they’re differentiated only by the battery included at the time of purchase. Consumers who already have a battery can choose the base model, which comes only with the PS250 pole saw tool itself. Those who need a battery can choose from one of two upgraded packages, with a midrange offering inclusive of a 2.4 Ah battery and required charger, while a higher-end option increases the battery to 4.0 Ah.

Across all three of these options, the pole saw’s hardware is the same. All of Oregon’s PS250 pole saw bundles feature an 8-inch cutting bar that is perfectly capable of handling most outdoor trimming and maintenance tasks. The included chain features a 0.41-inch gauge as part of Oregon’s Low Profile design. This design ideally should reduce power consumption, increase cutting efficiency, and allow the pole saw to maximize every last bit of its lithium-ion battery as the task is completed. A 47.4 FPS no-load chain speed showcases this commitment pretty soundly.

As mentioned earlier, the Oregon PS250 pole saw is designed to adjust on the fly, using a no-tool handle. Its maximum reach, when the pole is fully extended, is just about 15 feet. This measurement includes the size of the saw, the engine, and the handle, and makes the PS250 a great option for homeowners that need a midrange length for larger trees around the home. Like virtually all of its battery-powered power equipment models currently available, Oregon rates its pole saw at 120 minutes of continuous use before a charge is required. This 120-minute capacity is the same, whether the battery used is 2.4 Ah or 4.0 Ah.

Get Oregon’s Innovative Pole Saw and OEM Replacement Parts at ShanksLawn.com

Oregon’s battery-powered pole saw is a refreshing take on this crucial piece of landscaping equipment. Quieter operation, extended battery life, and ample power, make this a natural fit for most of today’s homeowners. The full lineup of Oregon equipment can be found at Shank’s Lawn Equipment, while replacement parts are easily located by heading to ShanksLawn.com. The Shank’s website allows for filtering of parts by model and part number, engine type and more, which helps equipment owners find parts that are perfectly compatible and designed to stand up to even the most intense use in settings around the home.

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