New from Echo: Industry-Leading Blowers and Their First Hardscape Saw

CSG-7410 cut-off sawFor the outdoor equipment industry, the Green Industry and Equipment Expo, or “GIE+,” is equivalent to the Detroit Auto Show or CES, showcasing the latest models and innovations. Echo went big this year, showing off three industry-leading products: the most powerful backpack blower on the market, the most powerful handheld blower on the market and the company’s first hardscape saw. Here’s what you can expect from these new machines as they reach the market this year.

PB-8010: The Most Powerful Backpack Blower on the Market

This leaf blower has an all-new 79.9cc engine that gives the fan enough power to output 1,071 CFM at 211 MPH with 44 Newtons, or about 10 lbs, of force. That’s 7% more power than any other backpack blower available today. The high output alone would be noteworthy, but it also uses the industry’s first carbon fiber plastic frame and fan case. Echo says this switch reduced the PB-8010’s weight by about two pounds. Even with the bigger engine, it tips the scales at 24.5 lbs, which is about the same as the smaller PB-770T.

The fan and engine are mounted on a padded, vented back designed to draw air across the operator’s back on its way to the fan chamber to help them stay cool. Air exits a 3.6-inch wide blower tube that has a wear ring, letting you know ahead of time when it’s due for a replacement. This blower is available as the PB-8010 with a tube-mounted throttle and as the PB-8010H with a hip-mounted throttle.

PB-2620: The Most Powerful Professional Handheld Blower on the Market

Handheld blowers are mostly used by homeowners handling small jobs, but they can be invaluable to commercial landscapers who need to do cleanup in tight spaces. Despite its size, this new lightweight commercial blower moves 456 CFM at 172 MPH, delivering 15.8 Newtons (3.5 lbs.) of force.

The engine has all the features you expect from a commercial device including a hard-wearing chrome-plated cylinder and paper filter surrounded by a foam pre-filter. It’s also designed to deliver best-in-class hot restartability.

A rubber main handle quells vibrations, while the secondary handle holds the throttle controls, including a variable locking cruise control. The round pipe has a wear indicator like their new backpack blower along with a flared end pipe for peeling up layers of packed down leaves.

CSG-7410: Echo’s First Hardscape Saw

This heavy-duty handheld circular saw is built to cut through bricks, pavers, stepping stones and cultured stones for landscaping installation, and since it’s hand-held, it can be used on installed landscape features.

The 73.5 cc two-stroke engine delivers the highest torque of any engine in its class, and its high maximum RPM lets it use a low 2.6:1 drive ratio without reducing blade speed. A spring-assist starter, decompression valve, automatic fast idle and fuel purge bulb work together to make starting easy. Since this machine will be covered in dust while it’s working, Echo fitted the engine with a four-stage air cleaner.

The reversible cutting arm lets the CSG-7410 be used for standard cutting or close cutting near buildings and obstacles. A stainless steel shield deflects dust, while the aluminum handle has a rubber grip to reduce the transfer of vibrations to the operator. There’s also a standard water kit to keep the blade cool when cutting through hard materials. A 14-inch masonry abrasive wheel is included from the factory, and it can use a variety of other blades thanks to 20 and 25.4 mm arbors.

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