New Exmark Lazer ZX Comfort Seating System

Lazer_Z_X-SeriesFor as long as riding mowers have been on the market, homeowners and commercial customers have been confronted with at least one compromise: Riding is certainly easier than walking behind a more traditional lawn mower, but longer tasks can result in a great deal of operator fatigue. That’s because, in the vast majority of cases, the operator’s seat is directly above not only the mower’s blades and mowing deck, but also its engine, transmission, and other moving parts. All of these parts produce a significant amount of vibration, and that vibration has historically been transferred directly to the operator.
The result of this vibration transfer is that, after even smaller mowing jobs, most people feel worn down, fatigued, or generally uncomfortable. Developments have been made over the course of several decades to reduce those vibrations, but Exmark’s Comfort Seating System, available with its ZX mowers, might be the best option yet for buyers who are eager to leave the days of operator fatigue behind them.

Commercial Comfort Begins with Ergonomic Research and Innovative Design

It can be easy to underestimate just how much science and research go into creating a great commercial or residential riding mower. At Exmark, the company is always studying ways to improve its mower’s ergonomics while focusing in improved productivity and even better cutting. To that end, the company has spent the past few years doing extensive research on suspension systems, ergonomic seat shapes, and innovative materials to reduce vibration transfer between the mower’s moving parts and its operator. The first result of this research is what the company calls its iso-mount seat suspension system.

The Comfort Seating System, featured on the Lazer ZX riding mower, boosts operator comfort and productivity by effectively isolating the seat from the vibrations produced by any riding mower. It does this through a series of innovative suspension systems and tricks, providing up to 3/4″ of isolation from blade and engine vibrations.

Furthermore, the company’s Comfort Seating System is assisted by a scissor link ball bearing suspension that keeps the seat in place while providing up to 3 inches of vertical travel that are virtually indistinguishable to those operating the equipment. These two systems work together, supplementing each other in ways that create a smoother, less fatiguing ride all around. The result is an operator who can work more quickly, for longer hours, all without sacrificing energy or comfort, and without long-term complications.

The Difference Isn’t Just in the Seat’s Suspension System

It’s generally true that the vast majority of vibrations can be either reduced or increased based on the unique suspension system employed by any riding mower’s seats. Even so, an overhaul of the seat suspension system isn’t the only way that vibrations can be reduced significantly during everyday work. Exmark has long known this, and that’s why the company has focused a great deal of its energy on developing vibration-isolating fabric.

Known as elastomeric vibration control fabric, this innovative material stretches over the entirety of the Lazer ZX’s seat for the 2013 model year. This fabric provides up to 1 1/4″ of travel without subjecting the operator to vibration and, in studies conducted into the comfort of competing riding mowers, it was shown to produce a dramatic reduction in vibration compared to other models.

Finally, Seat Cushion Materials Get a Full Overhaul for the Comfort Seating System

With a new suspension in place and an innovative material covering the seat, Exmark has already reduced the vibration transfer of is Lazer ZX riding mower by an exponential amount. The company wasn’t satisfied, however, and decided to put even more innovative materials in place to further reduce the transfer of vibrations to each operator. The result is an entirely new seat cushion designed with plush foam fabric that absorbs any motion not handled by the suspension or the seat cover material.

The plush foam cushion has the added bonus of being a great deal more comfortable to sit on, even with the mower turned off and vibration simply not an issue. This finishing detail makes the Comfort Seating System a must-have for a large subsection of commercial or more demanding residential Exmark buyers.

Looking for Better Comfort? Give Shank’s Lawn Equipment a Visit

Exmark has long been respected as a leading innovator when it comes not only to great landscaping, engine power, and overall efficiency, but also operator comfort and unique amenities. That’s evidenced most recently by the company’s Lazer ZX Comfort Seating System, a big leap forward for the typical homeowner and average riding mower user. To learn more about this system, or to see it in person and bring it home, be sure to get in touch with Shank’s Lawn Equipment. The company has long been a trusted retailer for Exmark’s OEM products and has the expertise and knowledge to back it up.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has been in business, providing parts, service and equipment to the surrounding areas. If you are in the Martinsburg, WV or Falling Waters, WV area, stop by and see their facility.


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