Multi-One Attachments for Landscaping

Multi-One Attachments for LandscapingDo you hate having to rent landscaping tools, but can’t justify a dedicated machine? Maybe you should consider a Multi-One mini-loader. Thanks to their extensive attachment range, these vehicles can do any lawn or gardening job you can think of. Here are just some of the attachments Mutli-One makes for landscaping.

Tree Care

Log Splitter: This vertical splitter exerts 7 tons of force, splitting logs up to 15 ½ inches in diameter and up to 39 ½ inches tall.

Hydraulic bio shredder: Using the mini-loader for transport, this chipper shredder can go places out of reach to tow-behind machines. It breaks down branches up to 3 ½ inches in diameter to chips, then shreds those chips into fine mulch.

Stump grinder: With 18 teeth and up to a 40 degree slewing angle, this attachment makes quick work of stumps. As it cuts, it sweeps side to side automatically, so you don’t need to reposition the loader.

Power auger: Built for tree planting, this auger is available with 31.5 and 39.4-inch cutting heads, exerting almost 2,900 ft-lbs. of torque.

Tree spade: This attachment’s overlapping blades can cut through soil and lift out trees for removal, transplanting or balling. After cutting, the blades can swing forward for easy access to the root ball. Available in versions that cut either a 10.6-inch diameter or 15.7-inch diameter hole.

Landscape pot clamp: Move pots, potted plants, and balled plants without damaging them. The articulated jaws have an opening range of 9.8 to 47.2 inches.

Shoot mower: This specialty side-shifting mower cleans outshoots and plants around tree trunks.

Soil Preparation

Rotary tiller: Break up soil, grass and scrub up to 5 ½ inches deep. Multi-One makes three models with working widths ranging from 40 to 59 inches.

Stone burier and seeder: This unit mills soil, burying stones and creating a uniform surface that’s ready to plant. Multi-One makes versions with working widths ranging from 39 ½ to 52 ½ inches. Add a seeding unit, and you can prepare and seed-soil in one pass.

Power harrow and seeder: Remove weeds and prepare soil for planting with one pass using this harrow. Units are available with widths ranging from 43.3 to 59 inches. Like the stone burier, the power harrow can be fitted with a seeder to prepare and seed-soil in one pass.

Leveler: This simple metal grid levels and grades surfaces. Great for laying out sand, preparing a lawn bed, or leveling out a driveway.


Tornado lawn mower: This all-in-one mower cuts and collects up to 7 bushels of clippings, which can be dumped like they’re in a standard front bucket. Available in 47.2 and 59-inch cutting widths, its floating supports help it track uneven ground, cutting at heights ranging from 0.4-5 inches.

Lawnmower: This standard deck is available in widths ranging from 39.4 to 70.8 inches. It can be used for side or rear discharge from the factory, or as a mulching mower when fitted with the mulching kit.

Side slope mower: The side shifting boom on this attachment lets you mow in areas too dangerous to drive including ditches and steep slopes. Multi-One makes two booms with a reach of 9.8 or 11.5 feet. These booms work with 31.5 and 39.4 inch-wide cutting heads.

Flail mower: Quickly removes tall grass and scrub. Available in widths ranging from 39.4 to 57 inches.

Sickle bar mower: Clear tall grass quickly with this attachment. Available in 57 and 65-inch widths.

Inter-row mower: Save time trimming by cutting grass between fence posts, signposts, and other obstacles.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Cutter: Why cut with handheld tools when you can drive by hedges with this side-shifting cutting bar? This attachment is available in versions that can handle branched up to 0.4 or 1.2 inches.

Dual blade hedge trimmer: Cut the sides and tops of hedges and shrubs at the same time using this two-bar attachment. It comes with a 63-inch horizontal bar and a 15.7-inch vertical bar, each capable of cutting branches up to 0.4 inches thick.

Lawn Maintenance

Sprayer: While most sprayer attachments have a separate engine, this unit is powered by your loader’s hydraulic system. The maximum spray width is 59 inches when fully extended. For spot treatment, this attachment includes a wand with a 164-foot hose. The tank holds up to 31.7 gallons of lawn chemicals.

Spike aerator: Wedge-shaped spikes slice through sandy and loamy soil, alleviating compaction and increasing root access to water and oxygen. This aerator has a working width of 51.2 inches and penetrates up to four inches deep.

Core aerator: This model has the same maximum depth and working width as the spike aerator, but its tines stars cut holes in the soil instead of slots. It works with all soil types.

When You Think “Multi-One,” Think “Shank’s”

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized dealer for Multi-One, offering loaders and attachments as well as service and parts support for everything they make. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

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