Multi-One Attachments for Groundskeeping

Multi-One Attachments for GroundskeepingWhat does it take to maintain the ground at large facilities? Sometimes you have to be a landscaper, other times you need to do building maintenance, and occasionally you need to be a construction worker. How do you handle a wide range of tasks without a large fleet of equipment? With a Multi-One mini-loader. With dozens of tools to choose from, one machine can handle almost any job. Here are just some of the attachments they offer for grounds keeping.


When you need to move dirt and materials, you have several options. The high tip bucket is just like the ones you’ll find on front loaders. The combo bucket adds a joint between the back plate and the rest of the bucket, letting you use it as a standard bucket, a grapple or a dump bucket.

The grapple bucket pairs the bucket with a long-toothed grapple that grips onto branches, logs, rocks, and other loose material. If you need to tear out material, the demolition grapple bucket has a sharper edge and stronger teeth.


Multi-One offers both spike and core aerators to fix soil compaction and ready lawns for overseeding. These attachments have adjustable support wheels to get a consistent hole depth. Since they’re mounted to the boom, it’s easy to lift the tines out of the ground before making turns.


Need a standard mower? The Tornado lawnmower has a collection system built into the top of the deck, letting you dump out clippings like a high lift bucket.

The flail mower makes quick work out of thick brush. It’s available as a standard front mount attachment or mounted to a side shifting arm to reach into gutters and mowing steep slopes. The side flail mower is perfect for tackling extremely thick vegetation. For tall grass, Multi-One makes a sickle bar mower.

Want to save time trimming around landscape features? The inter-row mower’s side-shifting mount, low profile and built-in shock absorber make it ideal for trimming around bushes and fence posts.

Hedge cutter

This tool lets you drive by hedgerows and bushes, trimming them down to a uniform length. It’s available with a single vertical bar and with vertical and horizontal bars that let you trim both the sides and top of bushes with one pass.

Bulk Materials Hauling

If you need to move palletized material, Multi-One makes a fork to fit your needs. That includes a standard pallet fork, as well as versions with a hydraulic clamp for awkward objects and a side shift to reach into corners.

If you can wrap straps around it, you can lift it with the jib crane. The standard crane has a lifting capacity of 440 lbs. The telescopic jib crane extends from 43 to 66 ½ inches and has a lifting capacity of 1,100 lbs.

The big bag lifter carries oversize bags full of leaves, compost, mulch, and other bulk materials. Side bars keep the bag from swaying while in motion. This attachment can lift up to 2,645 lbs, but the actual weight limit may be lower depending on the capabilities of your mini-loader.

The landscape pot clamp gently lifts clay pots and roof balls to position them for planting and landscaping. The jaws can grab objects ranging from 10 to 47 inches.


This attachment holds almost 32 gallons of lawn chemicals or detergents. With the bar fully extended, it can cover 59 inches with each pass. It also has a wand for spot treatment connected to a 164-foot hose.

Solar Panel Washer

A 9 foot long soft-bristled rotary broom wipes away dust and dirt to keep your facilities’ solar panels working at maximum efficiency. This broom mounts to a rotating boom, letting you clean panels mounted at any angle.

Aerial Work Platform

This platform safely lifts workers up high to reach windows, light fixtures, and tree branches. Two models are available, reaching a working height of 27.5 or 32 feet.

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