Multi-One 6 Series

Multi-One 6 SeriesHow much power can you squeeze into a vehicle without having to compromise maneuverability? The Multi-One 6 Series manages to pack over a ton of carrying capacity into a vehicle that can squeeze through most gates. Thanks to a new, more powerful engine, this loader can handle a wide range of attachments to fit any need from construction to lawn care.

More Power, Less Emissions

The 6 Series is now powered by a Kubota D1205. This diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards, so it’s legal to use across the U.S. This 25 HP diesel also delivers 30% more torque than the outgoing engine and has better low RPM performance. That means more speed, more power for equipment and lower engine speeds that improve fuel economy.

To get the most from the new engine, the hydraulic pump was upgraded, increasing output by 20% to 13.2 GPM. Since both the drive system and boom are hydraulically powered, this means better performance for everything on this loader.


Front mount tools connect to a boom that raises and extends, reaching a 115-inch lift height. This boom is self-leveling, making it easier to keep loads stable. It also lets you use attachments like the mowing decks without changing their angle, lifting them and lowering them as you move past curbs and other objects.

How much can this loader carry? The boom has 2,116 lbs. of lifting capacity with back weights installed or 1,720 lbs. when fully extended. These weights mount inside the loader’s body, so using them doesn’t increase its footprint. The tipping load is 2,646 lbs.

What makes this performance truly impressive is the 6 Series’ compact size and maneuverability.
The 6 Series is just 42 inches wide, so it can pass through most gates. By using a hinged platform for the wheels, this loader has a turning radius of 79.5 inches, making it almost as maneuverable as a skid steer. However, unlike a skid steer, it won’t tear up your work area. The DBS dynamic block system comes standard, controlling the wheels independently to eliminate scrubbing for better traction and less damage to turf.


Multi-One makes 84 compatible attachments for this loader, letting it do almost any job you can imagine.

If you’re a landscaper or groundskeeper, one 6 Series can replace a wide range of stand-alone equipment. The same machine can cut grass in ravines, mulch branches, lift workers up high to replace light bulbs, and clear off snow-covered parking lots.

Farmers will like the assortment of ground working tools, mowers and hay forks. A simplified mount and single hydraulic connector makes changing attachments on a mini-loader easier than swapping out attachments on a tractor’s three-point hitch.

Need something for construction? Multi-One makes a mixer that lets you dump concrete directly onto the area being filled. There are also several specialized buckets available for carrying large amounts of concrete, rock, and aggregate.

Looking for a robust alternative to a standard forklift? Multi-One offers a variety of forks including side shift and clamp models, as well as several buckets, a bag lifter, and a jib crane. No matter what attachment you’re using, you control it with the same joystick. This makes it easy to learn new tools.


Multi-One makes two 6 Series models. The difference comes down to gearing, letting you choose between maximum force or maximum speed.

6.3+ K: Top speed is limited to 5.6 mph, but it can exert up to 3726 lb-ft. of pushing force. This model is a good choice if you plan on primarily using your loader with buckets, forks and other high weight tools.

6.3S K: Top speed increases to 7.7 mph, but pushing force drops to 2,557 lb-ft. If you need a loader more for attachment flexibility than pure power, this model is a great choice.


The 6 Series comes standard with a Level 1 ROPS and roof, as well as a pair of work lights. From there, you can configure the cab with equipment for night work, cold weather and trailer towing.

If you need maximum traction, you can add a Dynamic Block System (DBS). It redirects power to prevent wheel spin. This improves traction on slick surfaces while reducing turf damage.

From Push Mowers to Multipurpose Machines, Shank’s has You Covered
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