Multi-One 5 Series

Multi-One 5 SeriesAre you looking for a piece of equipment that can do just about anything? The Multi-One 5 Series mini-loader has enough power to work with almost all of Multi-One’s attachments while still remaining small enough to fit anywhere. With over 80 equipment options, this machine can be used for any commercial task you can think of from laying down cement to mowing steep ditches.

What Makes the 5 Series Different from Tractors and Skid Steers?

Unlike a tractor, there’s no direct connection between the engine and the wheels. The engine is only there to power a large hydraulic pump, while fluid pressure powers everything on the vehicle. The cab sits on a hinged platform with four wheels, each driven directly by a hydraulic motor. This gives the 5 Series a tight turning circle and less scrubbing than a skid steer. It also eliminates gears and wheel brakes, making it easy to operate.

The mini loader’s boom can go up and down and tilt the mounting plate like a front loader. It also extends for extra reach, reaching a maximum lift height of 108 inches. This boom exerts up to 2,000 lb-ft. of pushing force, so it can be used for high power tasks including groundbreaking. The result is something that can compete with a large tractor, but at just under 40 inches wide and 95 inches long, it also fits in small spaces that are out of reach to similar vehicles.

The boom and attachment controls are built into a single control stick, so it’s easy to learn how to use new attachments. Everything you need to know about the vehicle from speed to operation hours is displayed on a digital gauge cluster.


What can you do with a 5 Series? Multi-one makes 82 attachments that are compatible with the 5.2 and 5.3, covering jobs ranging from stacking hay bales to removing snow. These include tools for construction, groundbreaking, landscaping, groundskeeping, factory work and farming.

Every front-mount attachment uses the same plate mount, and every powered attachment connects using the same hydraulic multi-connector. At most, you may need to add some ballast weights or a floating boom valve to use an attachment with your loader. By adding a Multi-One to your fleet, you gain access to a wide range of specialty tools without the expense of stand-alone equipment. Along with expected tools like mowers, buckets, and forks, there are plenty of unusual special use tools available. Here are just four examples:

– An aerial work platform for cleaning windows or changing light bulbs in high fixtures
– A dual blade hedge trimmer that cuts the sides and tops of bushes in one motion
– A solar panel washer that has a brush designed to safely remove dust from panels without damaging them
– The hives handler, a fork with a clamp that gently grips beehives for transport

These mini-loaders can be tailored to fit your operating conditions. You can add an enclosure for all-weather comfort, a trailer hitch or additional connectors for trailers and rear-mount tools. or brighter lights for on-road use.


This loader is powered by a Kubota D902 diesel engine producing 25 HP. The hydraulic pump moves fluid at a rate of 9 GPM. The maximum tipping load with the boom retracted and the vehicle fitted with ballast weights is 2,249 lbs. Top speed is 8.7 MPH.

This model uses a 28 HP Yanmar 3TNV76 diesel, increasing the pump’s hydraulic flow rate to 11.1 GPM. It has a tipping load to 2,513 lbs, while top speed increases 9.3 MPH.

No Matter the Job, Shank’s has the Equipment you Need

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has helped residential and commercial buyers with their outdoor equipment since 1984. We’re a certified dealer for Multi-One and their manufacturing partners including Kubota and Yanmar. That means you can get accessories, parts, and service for everything on your mini-loader at one place. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take the Route 11/Marion exit from I-81. You can also order parts and accessories from our website, We ship across the United States and Canada.

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