Multi-One 12 Series

Multi-One 12 SeriesDo you hate having to step up and down when getting in and out of your loader? Wish your bucket had a little extra reach? The Multi-One 12 Series may be just what you’re looking for. It has a low cab, but thanks to its independent four-wheel steering, this loader has the maneuverability of Multi-One’s other mini-loaders. Multi-One also offers this loader with an extra-long boom for higher loading and unloading.

A Different Take on Loader Design

Despite the name, the 12 Series is not bigger than the 10 Series. Its capabilities are close to that of the 8 Series, but its design is something totally different from the rest of Multi-One’s mini loaders. Instead of using a hinged platform for steering, this loader has a fixed platform with all-wheel steering, rotating each wheel independently. The result is the same tight turning radius in a package that has a lower seating position and overall height. Compared to the 8 Series, it’s three-and-a-half inches longer and an inch-and-a-half shorter with a much lower cab height. This makes it perfect for jobs that require frequent stops and starts.

The 10 Series is powered by the same 40 HP Yanmar 3TNV88 Diesel as the 8.4+ and 8.4 S. This engine drives a hydraulic pump that outputs 13.7 GPM. Need more power? Multi-One offers a high flow pump that works in tandem with the original pump to boost output. As equipped, this loader can lift up to 2,698 lbs. with the boom retracted and has a tipping load of 3,373 lbs.


The other big difference between the 12 Series and other loaders is its telescopic boom. The 12.4 and 12.4 2V have a boom that can reach a height of 94.5 inches, which is about average for the lineup. However, the 12.4 T and 12.4 T 2V use a boom that has a maximum lift height of 135.8 inches, 17 inches higher than the 8 Series.

Multi-One also gives you a choice in operating speed. The 12.4 2V and 12.4 T 2V have a two-speed transmission, delivering a top speed of 6.2 MPH in low gear and 12.4 MPH in high gear. The 12.4 and 12.4 T have a single speed, reaching 8 MPH.


Since this is a new design, there is still work to be done to make Multi-One’s long list of attachments compatible with this machine. Currently, there are 6 tools that will fit this loader:

General bucket – This is the same type of bucket you’ll find on a front loader.
Combo bucket – This hinged bucket can be used as a regular bucket, or as a grapple.
Heavy-duty silage fork – Long, replaceable teeth and a hydraulic clamp make it easy to move loose and bailed silage.
Pallet fork – Available in three sizes, this attachment has forks can adjust in and out up to 39 inches to fit any size pallet.
Snowblower – These two-stage snow throwers have a 200-degree electrically-operated chute. The 12 Series is compatible with models that have a working width of 39.4 to 55.1 inches. Adjustable wheels make it easy to get the same auger height each time you set the attachment on the ground.
Sweeper with collector – The brushes can clean any pavement, whether it’s part of a parking lot, sidewalk or warehouse. A built-in water sprayer cuts down on dust, while an optional brush reaches into corners.

The 12 Series is also compatible with the tilt adapter. This plate fits between the boom mount and the attachment, adding 14.5 degrees of rotation in both directions. This lets buckets work on uneven surfaces and gives more approach options when using a fork.

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