Multi-One 10 Series: Serious Power and Flexibility in a Small Package

Multi-One 10 SeriesDo you like the idea of the flexibility of a mini-loader, but need serious power? The 10 Series still has Multi-One’s trademark compact design, but it delivers enough power to rival full size tractors. Like other mini-loaders, it works with a wide range of attachments to fit almost any use from farming to demolition.


How powerful is Multi-One’s strongest mini-loader? When equipped with back weights, the 10 Series has a tipping load of 5,952 lbs. The boom can lift 4,762 lbs. when retracted, and 3,748 lbs. when fully extended. To put it another way, if you mount some forks to the front end of this loader, it can lift a full-size luxury car. This loader can exert up to 5,732 lbs. of pushing force, which is enough to slide around a full-size SUV. The maximum lift height for the boom is 126.4 inches, so it can do all this while reaching as high as a full-size front end loader.

Top speed for the 10 Series is 20 MPH. If you get the optional two-speed transmission, it can reach 24.8 MPH in top gear. Both the wheel motors and boom are hydraulically-operated. That means you can set the electronic throttle using a single dial to match your workload. The system’s pump moves up to 25 GPM and comes with a cooling system for reliable performance through the workday.

The wheels mount to an articulated platform. This lets the axles swivel, taking tight turns without scrubbing on turf. The loader is small, too. At 59 inches wide and 126 inches long without a front-mounted tool, it can get in spaces that are impossible with a comparable front loader.


The 10.8 is powered by a Yanmar 4TNV98 that produces 72 HP, while the 10.9 uses a Kohler 2504 TCR rated at 75 HP. Both models have the same hydraulic pump capacity, speed, and lifting capacity. That means the choice is down to your preferred engine manufacturer.

Tools and Attachments

Multi-One makes 85 compatible tools for the 10 Series covering jobs ranging from lawn care to warehouse management. Here are just some of the ways you can use your loader.

Looking for an alternative to a front end loader? The 10 Series is compatible with three kinds of standard buckets, a combo bucket with hydraulic jaws, a crusher bucket that breaks down rocks, two kinds of grapple buckets and a screening bucket.

Need to tear down construction? You can fit the 10 Series with a dozer blade, grader, ripper or demolition jaw. Building something new? Multi-One makes a cold planer to prepare damaged pavement for repair, a cement mixer to make concrete on the go, and a concrete mixing bucket to transport concrete from the truck to where you’re working. Thanks to the boom’s long reach, you can pour concrete in areas that are out of reach to other equipment.

This mini-loader is perfect for taking care of horses and cattle. The stable packer mucks out stalls in one motion, the horse arena harrow smooths down dirt, and the screw feed pusher and hay grapple make it easy to feed your livestock. Have a small plot that you’re farming? You can fit your loader with an array of harrows and plows.

Do you have a facility with large parking lots? Keep them clear with the snow blower, snow blade, rotary sweeper and street washer. Need to take care of lawns and gardens? You can fit the 10 Series with a range of tools including mowers, hedge trimmers, and tree shears.


The 10 Series comes with a ROPS-mounted roof to shield the operator from the sun. You can add more weather protection with the enclosed cabin. For winter, you can add a heater and a heated seat. Want to work in the summer? An air conditioner can be added to the cab.

Traction is excellent from the factory, but if you want top performance on soft ground, you can swap the wheels with a rubber track system.

Working on roads and parking lots? Need to work nights? Add some visibility by adding LED road lights.


Multi-One guarantees loaders and attachments for three years. Kohler guarantees their engine for three years or 2,000 hours. Yanmar guarantees their engine for two years or 2,000 hours, but some major components are guaranteed an additional year.

We Can Help, No Matter Your Needs

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries everything you need for lawn care from walk-behind mowers to big equipment like the Multi-One 10 Series. We can help set you up with the mini-loader and accessories you need for your business, and provide the service and parts you need to keep your Multi-One running. Come see us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

Need parts? Visit our website, We can ship what you need to any address in the United States or Canada.

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