Move Materials Faster with MultiOne’s New Light Material Bucket

MultiOne Mini-Loaders are the Swiss army knives of outdoor equipment. They have attachments to cover almost every job you could think of, from moving bee hives to doing heavy construction. The company recently announced an update to one of their most useful tools: the light materials bucket. This bucket is perfect for picking up large amounts of lightweight materials, including everything from grain to insulation. Numerous improvements give these buckets more space and better visibility.

What’s New for This Bucket?

The inside of the bucket now has completely flat sides, maximizing space. The sides extend forward at a slight angle and the back panel has small slots at the top. This gives you a clear view of what you’re picking up, and it helps keep materials in the bucket when you go over bumps. The new shape also has a flat side where it connects to the boom of your mini loader. This allows up to 6 buckets to be stacked inside each other for storage.


MultiOne offers their light material bucket in 5 sizes. All buckets are 36.2 inches long and have a height of 30 ½ inches. The only difference between the models is their width and total capacity.

100: 13.8 cubic feet, 39.7 inches wide
115: 16 cubic feet, 45.6 inches wide
130: 18.4 cubic feet, 51.5 inches wide
150: 21.4 cubic feet, 59.4 inches wide
180: 25.9 cubic feet, 71.2 inches wide

MultiOne recommends using the 100 or 115 with the 2.3 mini loader. Larger loader models are compatible with all buckets. To use light material buckets with the 12.4 mini loader, you’ll need the C890025 adapter.

How Does it Compare to Other Buckets?

A longer bottom and taller sides offer more space than the general bucket. While they use similar construction, the smallest light material bucket is larger than the biggest general bucket. The light material bucket can be used for grading, but it doesn’t have reinforcements or teeth of the general and leveling buckets.

Compared to the previous light materials bucket design, capacity has increased dramatically. The old 150 bucket, which was the largest offered by MultiOne, only holds 19.4 cubic feet of material. The new 100 bucket holds slightly less than the outgoing model, but it’s also four inches narrower.

Do You Want More Flexibility from Your Equipment?

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or you just want to keep your lawn looking nice, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has everything you need. We’re an authorized dealer for MultiOne, which means we sell and install the full line of accessories and attachments for these mini loaders. Visit our website,, to order parts and see the equipment we have in stock. If you want to buy a MultiOne mini loader, or need repairs for your current loader, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

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