Mantis XP Cultivator

Mantis XP CultivatorIs a mini-tiller not big enough for your needs, but you still want something lightweight and easy to move around? Mantis’ XP cultivator pairs the same innovative design that makes their smaller tillers the industry leader together with a reel that’s 50% wider than their other models. Add some accessories, and this tiller can be used for lawn and garden chores throughout the year.


The XP is powered by a Honda Mini 4-Stroke engine. This diminutive motor delivers as much power as comparable two strokes, but it doesn’t need pre-mixed gas, it uses less fuel, it’s easier to start, and it has a wide powerband, so it doesn’t get bogged down easily. A clever oiling system keeps the inside of the engine lubricated no matter which angle it’s operating in. Its four-stroke design also gives it a long service life.

Like Mantis’ other tillers, this cultivator has its engine and transmission mounted directly over the tines to help push them down into the soil. The solid worm gear transmission has a low gear ratio to deliver the torque needed to cut through the toughest dirt at speeds up to 240 rpm.


At 16 inches wide, the XP’s tine reel is the biggest in Mantis’ lineup. It’s fitted with curved tines that dig into the soil better than standard flat tines, so there’s no need to fight the tiller to keep the tines in the ground. Mantis will replace worn tines for as long as you own your tiller. In their normal position, these tines have a maximum tilling depth is 10 inches. If the tines are flipped around, the back sides of the blades will skim across soil which is great for pulling out weeds.

This tiller weighs 35 lbs, which is far lower than comparable full-size models. That makes the XP easier to transport and lift into truck beds and trunks.

To reduce hand and wrist strain, this model is fitted with Mantis’ Sure Grip handles. These use over-molded grips that combine thick plastic grips with rubber inserts, just like the handle on an electric drill. This ergonomic design supports the hand and limits the transmission of shock and vibration. The handle is also adjustable, giving the XP a comfortable arm position for operators of any height.


By itself, a tiller’s use is limited to a few big landscaping projects during spring and summer. By adding these accessories, you can use your XP for a variety of jobs through the year.

The furrowing attachment uses a pair of tines to dig 6 inch wide furrows for planting or making trenches to run underground irrigation hose and low voltage wiring. The plow attachment digs shallower furrows while tilling, preparing garden beds for vegetable planting.

The dethatcher and aerator attachments expose soil to increase water and air access and prepare turf for overseeding. The dethatcher replaces the tilling tines with a wheel-supported reel that has 60 spring steel tines, dethatching 15 inches of turf with each pass. The aerator attachment replaces tilling tines with flat-bladed aerator tines that slice through soil compacted by foot traffic, vehicles and construction equipment.

The border edger replaces the tines with a 6-inch wheel and spring steel edging blade to cut clean edges around driveways, sidewalks, flowerbeds, and bushes for a perfect finish.

The wheelset attaches to the rear of the tiller, making it easier to transport and allowing it to stand freely for maintenance and refueling. It also adds stability when using the tiller with the border edger attachment. Once the mount is in place, the wheels can be attached or removed in seconds.


Mantis will replace bent or broken tines for the life of the tiller. The Mini 4-Stroke has a three-year warranty from Honda, while Mantis guarantees the rest of the tiller for 5 years.

Looking for More from a Tiller?

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