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Mantis TillersMantis invented the mini tiller over 40 years ago, and since then their models have remained the best-selling on the market thanks to constant innovation. Today, their lineup includes models with tillers with two-stroke and four-stroke engines as well as plug-in and battery-powered electric motors, letting gardeners and landscapers get a machine that perfectly fits their needs.

Why Mantis?

Mantis has created a range of models that have full-size performance in a package that’s easy to manage in small gardens. Instead of relying on brute strength, these tillers use design features to the most out of their small engines to keep weight low.

Their 7000 Series uses tines with a curved shape that cuts down on bouncing and deflection, so they’ll dig into soil with less effort. The tines can be flipped to limit the depth to two to three inches, which is perfect for weeding and shallow cultivation. 3000 models have trowel tines that scoop as they cut, making them ideal for shallow cultivating. Mantis guarantees the tines on all of their machines for life.

The powerplant is placed directly over tines to help push them down into the soil. It connects to the tines using a solid metal worm gear transmission designed to last the life of the tiller.

7000 Series 2-Cycle

The classic Mantis mini tiller is the lightest at just 20 lbs, but the can still cut up to 10 inches deep, have 9 inches of tilling width and can hit a top speed of 240 RPM. Mantis makes a standard 2-Cycle as well as a Plus version with FastStart. This adds fuel directly to the ignition point using a fuel bulb, making the engine easier to start. Two strokes work best when running at top speed, so the throttle lever is built to fit flush with the handles, letting the operator use a comfortable hand position when keeping the throttle open. These handles can be folded down, allowing the tiller to be lifted and carried using a grab handle.

7000 Series 4-Cycle

Want the features of a 2-Cycle with the ease of use you get with a four-stroke engine? The 4-Cycle uses all the same components, but it’s powered by a Honda Mini 4 Stroke. Thanks to clever baffling in the crankcase, this engine will stay lubricated and fueled no matter how it’s tilted, just like a two-stroke. Opting for this engine increases the tiller’s weight to 24 lbs. The 4-Cycle XP comes with a 16-inch wide tine bar.

7000 Series Electric

This plug-in electric tiller is just one pound heavier than the 2-Cycle. It uses a 3-speed transmission with the same top speed as the other tillers in this model range thanks to a 540 watt, ¾ hp motor.

3000 Series Tiller Cultivator

Mantis recently introduced the 3000 series, an even smaller mini tiller that uses either A/C or battery power. It’s built for shallower work, tilling up to 8 inches deep and a width of 12 inches. Instead of separate handles, these tillers use a padded V-shaped loop handle with three height positions for a comfortable arm position for all operators.

The plug-in Tiller/Cultivator weighs in at 24 lbs. and uses a 9 amp motor. The cordless version weighs two pounds more with the battery installed. The 58-volt system can power the tiller for up to 30 minutes on a charge and takes just 90 minutes to fully recharge. Both corded and cordless motors have two speeds for a maximum speed of 300 rpm for cultivating or 200 rpm with added torque for tilling.


The 3000 series is guaranteed for two years of residential use, while the 7000 series is covered for 5 years. Tines are replaced free for the life of the tiller. Honda guarantees the Mini 4 stroke for three years of residential use.

Large or Small, Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has What You Need

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