Mantis Tiller Attachments

MantisA Mantis tiller can do a lot more than just till: any of their models from two strokes to electrics can be used for a wide range of yard care and gardening tasks when fitted with their line of accessories.

Planter / Furrower

This tool uses a pair of tines dig 6 inch wide furrows in any soil, making it a great option for tilling in narrow spaces and creating raised beds. The resulting trenches encourage drought resistant root growth and improve yields for root crops including flower bulbs, onions, potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, corn and beans. This tool can also be used to cut trenches to run irrigation hoses or low voltage wiring.


This hardened steel blade forms straight, uniform furrows without having to resort to hand tools. It can be set up to dig deep or shallow rows and can be mounted to the front or rear of the tiller to shape trenches as you till the soil.

Lawn Dethatcher

Thatch creates a barrier between the soil and outside air, preventing water from reaching the root system while attracting insects. This attachment’s spring steel tines dethatches the turf’s surface, pulling away crab grass, weeds and thatch for a healthier lawn. Dethatching can also aid in fertilizing and seeding as it enables better ground contact.

The dethatcher shouldn’t be used on surface root grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia as it can damage the root system.

Lawn Aerator

Four sets of steel blades cut into the soil, reducing compaction to help air and water reach the root system for a healthier lawn. Aerating before seeding helps seeds take root in the soil.

Like the dethatcher, this tools shouldn’t be used on surface root grasses as it can cut into the root system.

Wheel Set

This accessory means the tiller no longer needs to be carried from location to location, and it keeps the tiller upright when storing, adding fuel or performing maintenance. It also adds stability when using the crevice cleaner or border edger attachments, and the set can be quickly removed before tilling. Adjustable to six different heights, its rubber tires make it easy to roll the tiller over curbs and hills.

Crevice Cleaner

This attachment uses a wheel with 38 steel bristle brushes to remove weeds, soil and debris from cracks and crevices in concrete, keeping sidewalks and driveways tidy. The wheel can be mounted to either side of the axle to get into tight spaces.

Border Edger

This spring steel blade cuts crisp edges to create a defined border around bushes, paths and garden beds.

Trimmer Bar

With this attachment, your tiller can be used for more than just ground work.
Available in a 24 inch long double edge version for quick cutting and a 30 inch long single edge version for extended reach, the bar turns your tiller into a hand-held hedge trimmer capable of cutting through branches up to one inch thick.

Which Attachments Can I Use With My Tiller?

Mantis’ two stroke 9 inch tiller is compatible with all attachments. The 4 stroke and electric models will work with everything except the trimmer bars. XP 16 inch tillers can’t be used with the trimmer bars, border edger or crevice cleaner attachments. Have a Deluxe tiller? The front bumper will need to be removed before attaching a plow or wheel set.

Where to buy Mantis Tiller parts and equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized full service dealer for Mantis garden tools, carrying all their models, accessories and replacement parts. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, just off US Rt. 11. To get there from I-81, just take Exit 10 to Marion. Not in the Mid-Atlantic Tri-State area? We can ship anywhere in the U.S. Visit us online at

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