Mantis Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Mantis Tiller CultivatorAs customers look for landscaping equipment with the right blend of efficiency and eco-friendly features, they increasingly are turning to electric options like the Mantis electric tiller. This key piece of gardening equipment leaves behind the noisy, inefficient gas engine in favor of a powerful electric one. Additionally, the tiller features a great deal of power and comfortable, operator-centric design features that make it an ergonomic method for expertly maintaining outdoor growing areas throughout the year. Because of these unique features and designs, Mantis’ tiller / cultivator is a great option for the average homeowner.

Key Features: A Quiet, Efficient Tiller for Homeowners

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this model is its electric power source, which is a significant departure from the traditional, gas-powered Mantis tiller that most customers think about when they’re considering this type of equipment. Unlike competing models, electric power is provided by a corded electric connection. This allows for a greater amount of power during tilling work. As a result, operators will likely find that the electric tiller doesn’t require much, if any, added effort or time outdoors. The electric power source also results in a significant reduction of engine and ambient noise produced while the tiller is on and working its way through the soil. A significant reduction in moving parts improves the operator’s experience as well.

Some potential Mantis equipment owners might be apprehensive at the thought of using a corded connection to supply power to a piece of outdoor landscaping equipment. This is not really a problem with this model: Mantis supplies a cord extender that makes it easy to strategically place and mount the electric cord, with an industrial extension cable, so that the tiller can reach virtually every square foot of outdoor space. Maneuverability is further aided by the compact size of the tiller itself, which easily winds around curves and obstacles due to its 9-inch tilling path.

As is the case with other Mantis tiller models, the electric option comes with the company’s unique Serpentine tines. These tines are able to dig through tougher, more compacted soil without locking up, allowing the Mantis to power through tough conditions without requiring added maintenance, a pause in the work, or other complications that are common among models without highly durable tines. Another reduction in regular maintenance comes from the tiller’s power train. Made from precision steel and heavy-duty casting, the power train requires very little ongoing maintenance and is one of the most reliable powertrains currently available for tillers in this class.

The Specs: How the Mantis Tiller Gets the Job Done

The Mantis electric tiller / cultivator is among the most compact and lightweight tillers on the market, perfect for home use. The equipment weighs only 21 pounds, which is much lighter than the typical gas-powered alternative. In addition to its lighter overall weight, the Mantis also features a very compact design that produces a narrow, 9-inch tilling path. This allows the tiller, in combination with its unique tines, to be easily maneuvered around tight corners and other outdoor obstacles. In addition to its compact and lightweight design, the Mantis electric tiller comes with quite a bit of power for an electric-powered landscaping tool.

First and foremost, this particular tiller model comes with a 115-volt, double-insulated electric engine that is on par with gas-powered engines also in the Mantis lineup. The engine produced up to 0.75-horsepower, and is backed by a 540-watt circuit breaker for safety and durability when engaged. There is no fuel required, nor any other fluids for engine maintenance, making this model particularly easy to start and maintain over time. Push-button start is an excellent advancement over gas-powered engines, while the 3-speed throttle setting allows for tilling as quickly or as slowly as may be required by the operator. The tiller’s tines leverage the electric engine’s power as they spin at up to 240 RPM, powering through compacted soil, rocks, and all kinds of other below-the-surface obstructions.

Due in part to its compact size and easy maintenance, operators will find that this tiller is easy to store in an existing garage or tool shed. Mantis’ commitment to ongoing maintenance makes it easy to find OEM replacement parts for routine maintenance or the infrequent repair to the tiller’s core components and functions.

Find Mantis Tillers and OEM Replacement Parts at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment, located a short distance from Interstate 81 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is a great place to find new tillers or replacement parts. Conveniently located for customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, Shank’s Lawn Equipment features a full lineup of Mantis landscaping products, OEM parts for regular maintenance, and OEM accessories for extending the tiller’s usefulness. Online, customers can find the same excellent equipment at the website. Together, these two resources make it easy to get the job done outdoors with top-notch equipment.

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