Mantis 2-Cycle Gas Tiller Overview

Mantis 2 cycle tillerEach spring season brings with it the opportunity to cultivate a home garden and enjoy fresh, hyper-local produce or flowers throughout the warmest part of the year. The key to being able to do this, however, is being able to break up the soil and create a nutrient-rich environment that encourages strong plant growth early in the season. That means homeowners need to consider purchasing a two-cycle tiller that offers compact size, efficient operation, and easy maintenance. This tiller, especially if offered by Mantis, is the best way to turn virtually any outdoor area in a perfect home garden that responds well to seeds, fertilizers, and added moisture. Before choosing between the two available two-cycle tillers that Mantis offers, however, home gardeners should consider the features and benefits of each.

Available Models: Classic and Classic Plus Tillers Are Both Great Choices

Mantis has long been known for offering customers a series of equipment models that range from basic to a bit more sophisticated and convenient, and that’s certainly the case with the company’s Classic and Classic Plus tiller models. The Classic 2-Cycle Tiller is Mantis’ entry-level option for home gardeners who need to break up their soil and cultivate a strong gardening plot around the home.

The equipment comes with a compact design that weighs in at just 20 pounds, and features a powerful engine that allows for high-speed operation of the tines even in deeper, more compacted soil. This model features a traditional, smaller engine operated by a priming bulb and starter grip. An upgraded model comes with Fast Start technology, which improves upon the traditional two-cycle engine and makes it a great deal easier to get the equipment started for the first time, even if the engine is “cold.”

Key Features of the Classic and Classic Plus Two-Cycle Tillers

The Classic and Classic Plus tillers come with a virtually identical set of key features that allow homeowners to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with minimal maintenance concerns throughout the growing season. Among the most important features of the two-cycle tiller models:

1. Both tiller models come with unique tines known as “Serpentine” tines. These tines have a unique design that allows them to dig down up to 9 inches into the soil, and break apart even very hard, heavily compacted dirt that has never been tilled before. This allows the mere 20-pound tiller to perform on par with a heavier, more industrial competitor. Tines are guaranteed for life against breakage or other damage.

2. A centrifugal clutch, paired with a high-powered engine, allows for easy operation in virtually any soil conditions. The tiller’s tines can spin at up to 240 rpm, which is a big part of the reason that the tiller is known for handling even the tightest soil around the home.

3. The tiller’s very small design and exceedingly tiny footprint allow it to be maneuvered into even the tightest spaces around the home, easily handling obstacles that might not be easy to move. The result is a tiller that can create planting areas of irregular shapes, between obstacles, and around trees, easier than virtually any other model on the market.

Specs: A Look at the Numbers that Gauge Tiller Performance

The tiller’s Serpentine tines, deep tilling depth, and ability to maneuver around tight obstacles, is the result of some pretty impressive specifications. The equipment comes with a standard two-cycle engine that produces up to 21cc, making it one of the most powerful two-cycle engine designs paired with this style of tiller. The equipment can till up to 9 inches into the ground, with 240-rpm speed that breaks up even the thought soil. A variable speed throttle makes it easy to adjust the tines’ speed based on soil conditions or operator preferences, ensuring safety and quick work regardless of external factors. A relatively moderate noise level reduces operator fatigue throughout operation, even despite the high-powered engines and Serpentine tine design.

Classic Plus Tiller Models: The Added Benefit of FastStart

Mentioned earlier, the FastStart ignition system is the primary differentiator between the Classic and Classic Plus 2-Cycle tiller models. The Classic Plus’ FastStart system comprises several different components that improve tiller performance during the ignition process, including a unique ratchet coil with a spring-loaded design. This helps to adjust the tiller’s piston and compress air, all while the gasoline itself is delivered right to the engine’s point of ignition. The result is a very quick start each time the tiller is used, which will certainly come as a relief to homeowners who typically have problems using the standard starter grip system.

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