Make Yard Work a Breeze with Bear Cat Chippers

Make quick work of the branches and clippings in your yard with any number of Bear Cat Chippers on the market. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, Bear Cat Chippers come in a variety of models, some able to effectively mince trees up to nine inches in diameter.

Chippers come with gravity feeds, suitable for occasional use, and hydraulic feeds, a more efficient option which uses a roller to feed your branches and trimmings into the cutting disc. Hydraulic feed chippers also tend to have blades that last longer as long as proper maintenance is performed. The type of wood you are chipping as well as age and cleanliness of that wood also determines blade life. 

The power source for the different chippers also varies from a self-sustaining engine package to a tractor PTO (power take off) option that draws power from the towing/companion vehicle. Ultimately, the type of Bear Cat Chipper that works for you should be determined by how much chipping you plan on doing, as well as the frequency of that chipping.

Model CH611DH – Six Inch Chipper

One of the most versatile and portable of the Bear Cat Chippers is the Model CH611DH. At only five feet wide, this chipper is easy to maneuver along narrow roadways and takes up little storage space. Able to handle branches and small trees up to six inches in diameter, this model features an efficient, variable speed hydraulic feed, four reversible chipper blades, a four sided anvil that is totally adjustable and a balanced 165 pound disk measuring 26 x 1 inch thick.

The chipped up wood is discharged through a rectangular 6.7 inch chute which can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Loading is easy because the chute extends all the way past the trailer hitch. Powered by your choice of gas or diesel electric start engines, this chipper can hold 18 gallons of fuel, allowing several hours of work between fill-ups. Road ready, the 2,475 pound model CH 611DH is tough enough for both residential and commercial use.

Model CH922DH – Nine Inch Chipper

This is Bear Cat Chipper’s heavy duty model, able to handle branches and small trees up to nine inches in diameter. This tow-along model offers a torsion axle suspension along with a “C” type four inch channel frame. The hydraulic feed has a roller that is 15 inches in diameter offering ten knife blades as well as four chipping blades that are reversible. The anvil is adjustable and the discharge chute is round, measuring eight inches in diameter. The chipper disc weighs in at 275 pounds, is 1.25 inches thick and 30 inches across.

Choose from a diesel or gas powered engine that powers a multi-setting hydrostatic feed control that is designed to handle almost any type of wood or plant debris. This easy to tow chipper has a capacity for 18 gallons of fuel, torsion axle suspension and a tongue that telescopes for easy hook-up and pulling. A wind-resistant low profile discharge chute kit is offered to make your towing of the CH922DH even easier. An optional electric brake kit and two-inch tow ball coupler are also available.

In addition to these two versatile chippers, Bear Cat Chippers offers models such as the light-weight CH400 more suitable for moderate use. Weighing in at 456 pounds and with a wheel base of less than three feet, this chipper can be towed by just about any vehicle and takes up little storage space. It is powered by a Subaru recoil start engine and handles branches up to four inches in diameter. Another light-weight option is the model CH450H, which is powered by the hydraulics of your skid. This model handles branches up to 4.5 inches in diameter and weighs in at only 359 pounds.

For more information on our complete line of Bear Cat Chippers, they can be viewed at our website at, or by stopping by our Chambersburg, PA location. If you would prefer to call for availability, please contact us at Phone# (888) 375-4455.

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