Maintaining Your Kawasaki FR Series Engine

Kawasaki FR-SeriesIf you’ve ever looked at buying a professional lawn tractor or zero turn mower, you’ve at least considered a Kawasaki FR-Series. Wright, Woods, and Scag are just some of the brands that use these engines for their commercial grade equipment. Here’s what you need to know to maintain your Kawasaki FR651V, FR691V or FR730V.

Maintenance Schedule

After the first 8 hours of operation
– Change the oil.

Every 100 hours
– Clean the paper air filter element.
– Clean the cylinders and fins.
– Check nuts and screws on the engine for tightness.
– Change the oil.
– Clean and gap the spark plugs.

Every 200 hours
– Change the oil filter

Every Year or 200 hours
– Replace the paper air filter element

Every 300 hours
– Clean the combustion chambers
– Check the valve clearance
– Clean and lap the valve seats

Kawasaki recommends draining the fuel system if the engine is stored for more than 30 days.


Kawasaki recommends SAE 10W-40 for most operating conditions, but you may need a different oil for extreme heat or if you use your mower with snow clearing attachments. 20W-50 is recommended for temperatures over 104°F, and 5W-20 for temperatures below 32°F.

Check the engine oil level before each use. When checking the oil, the dipstick should be inserted into the filler neck, but not screwed in. Add oil if the level is below the “ADD” mark on the dipstick.

To change the oil, warm up the engine, and park the equipment on a level surface. Shut off the engine. Remove the drain plug directly below the oil filter.

To change the filter, drain the oil, then unscrew the filter by turning it counter-clockwise. Coat the seal on the new filter with new engine oil, then screw it onto the engine. Once it seats, turn the filter another ¾ turn to get a good seal.

The FR651V, FR691V, and FR730V all hold 1.9 quarts of oil with the filter installed. When replacing the oil filter, add 2.2 quarts of oil to top off both the crankcase and the filter. After changing the filter, run the engine for three minutes to circulate oil through the lubrication system. Shut off the engine, check for leaks around the filter, and check the oil level. Add more oil as needed.

Air Filter

The filter is behind a door on the top front of the engine. To clean the air filter, tap it against a hard surface. This loosens surface dirt and debris between the filter fins.

Spark Plugs

The plugs are next to the valve covers, labeled “OHV V-VALVE.” Unplug the spark plug caps, then unscrew the plugs using a socket.

Use a wire brush to remove carbon deposits. Gap the electrodes to 0.030 inches (0.75 mm.)
When installing the plugs, thread them in by hand to avoid cross-threading. Tighten them to 16 ft-lbs.

Engine Cleaning

Check the rotary screen on top of the engine before each use, removing any grass or other debris.

To clean the cylinders and fins, remove the air filter. Next, remove the fan housing. It’s held on by bolts at the front and rear of the engine, and in line with the oil filter. Use a brush or dry rag to wipe away debris and dirt buildup from the engine, then install the shroud and air filter.

Fuel System and Storage

Kawasaki recommends using a stabilizer with fuel that will be in the engine for more than two weeks. Drain the fuel system if the engine will be stored for more than a month.

1. Clean the engine.
2. Close the fuel valve. Remove the sediment bowl directly below the valve.
3. Place a container under the valve.
4. Open the fuel valve. This will drain all of the fuel inside the engine aside from the carburetor. Once the system is empty, install the sediment bowl.
5. Start the engine and let it run until it stalls. This will burn off the remaining fuel inside the carburetor.
6. Once the engine is cool, remove the spark plugs and add one or two drops of engine oil to each cylinder. Turn the engine over a few times to circulate the oil.
7. Install the spark plugs. Lightly tug on the starter until you feel resistance. This positions the valve train so that the valves are closed, sealing the combustion chambers.

Get Pro Support for Your Pro Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized dealer for Kawasaki Engines and many of the brands that use them. If you need parts or service for your FR-Series, or you’re looking for Kawasaki-powered equipment, come see us. Our shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. That’s one mile East of I-81.

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