Maintaining the Kohler Command V-twin engine

Kohler Command

If you have recently purchased a new Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower such as the Enforcer 44, 48 or 54, you should be happy to know it comes with a Kohler Command V-Twin engine to provide you with all the power you need. To keep that mower running great all season long, you need to know how to properly maintain it. Here are some tips on keeping the Kohler Command V-Twin in top shape.


In most cases, your Kohler engine should be run on unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 87. Unleaded fuel leaves behind fewer deposits that can build up and cause issues down the road. However, in some areas you may be required to use oxygenated fuel for your zero turn mower, so you should look for a mixture that is 10% ethanol or up to 15% MTBE. Any combination of ethanol or MTBE that exceeds these amounts is not approved for use in Kohler engines.


The type of oil you choose to use will be impacted by the environment in which you are using your mower. 10W30 Command Oil is the recommended choice for your mower year round in any temperatures above 30 degrees F. SAE-30 is also acceptable as long as temperatures are above 50 degrees. In all cases where the mower will be operated below freezing temperatures, 5W20 or 5W30 oil should be used instead.

Synthetic oils can be used in Kohler Command engines, however, it is recommended that you operate your mower for the first fifty hours on standard oil first. This is the break-in period for the engine and allows the seals and components to properly seat themselves. After this point, you may switch to synthetic options, but regular oil changes will still need to be done to prevent damage to the engine.

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