Little Wonder Optimax Blower Overview

optimax-blowers-push-2The Optimax series of blowers from Little Wonder has been designed to fit the needs of commercial and residential customers alike. These blowers come in a number of sizes and model descriptions, ranging from smaller push models to larger, self-propelled models that can easily work in conjunction with the company’s outdoor vacuums, truck loaders, and even paving equipment. The competition in this particular space is actually quite intense, but customers considering an Optimax blower can benefit from Little Wonder’s commitment to comfort, power, and long-term dependability in both residential and commercial settings.

A Look the Optimax Blower’s Features

Optimax sells its blowers in two powerful configurations. The first of these is a self-propelled push blower that combines its powerful engine with an efficient drive system. This blower is perhaps best suited to maintaining large, outdoor spaces typically taken care of by commercial contractors. A second blower, which offers a virtually identical set of features without self-propulsion, is also available to Little Wonder customers. These blowers are the ones most often purchased for lawn maintenance work in a residential setting.

Optimax blowers come with a slit-stream air deflector, typically used for making and maintaining large piles of debris or fall foliage during larger outdoor cleanup tasks. In addition to its split-stream design, the blower can be adjusted remotely during use. This allows for on-the-fly directional control that can safeguard cars, bystanders and buildings if needed. It also allows for far more precise and targeted bursts of wind when a larger piece of debris is encountered. An optional swivel caster system further enhances the degree to which operators can control the blower’s position.

All Optimax blowers from Little Wonder come with a refined handle designed to reduce vibration during use. The handle can be adjusted according to an operator’s height and other preferences, and protects against fatigue with rubberized materials that keep most vibrations away from the hands. This handle can also be adjusted into an “easy lift” position that makes it easier to pick up the blower, move it into a trailer, and haul it between various jobs or various parts of a larger residential lawn.

Equipment Specifications: The Technical Benefits of Optimax Blowers

The key to a great blower is a great engine that can successfully power the blades and produce a significant amount of wind volume. Little Wonder has given its customers a large number of engine models to choose from, whether they’re opting for a classic push blower or a self-propelled model. The self-propelled blowers can be purchased with one of four engines. The options include Subaru’s EX 27 and EX 40 engines as well as Honda’s GX 270 and GX 390 engines. Push models can be purchased with either of the Subaru engines mentioned earlier, though customers can also opt for the power of a Honda GC160 engine on the midrange model.

Self-propelled and push blowers both offer a 17-inch impeller diameter with an integrated pull ring. Low-end self-propelled blowers can produce up to 2,260 cfm. This air volume rating is reserved for only the most powerful push blower. Other models produce anywhere from 1,300 cfm to 2,400 cfm, based largely on engine size and performance. All models feature a sufficient fuel tank that can enable several continuous hours of operation. It’s worth noting, however, that fuel tank size does vary based on blower model number and engine type. Fuel capacity ranges from 0.84 gallons at the lower end of the spectrum to as much as 1.85 gallons for the high-end model with a self-propelled drive system.

Go Further with Optional Blower Accessories

Little Wonder’s Optimax blower lineup is one of the most feature-packed of any manufacturer serving both commercial and residential customers. Even so, the company has made available a number of accessories that can extend the blower’s usefulness and help maneuver it around obstacles and over tough terrain. Swivel caster kits are by far the most common and popular accessory for the Optimax lineup, though other accessories include everything from equipment covers and towing accessories to official oil and storage products. The company’s accessories are made in its own factories, giving them the same high quality and durability that most customers have come to expect from the Little Wonder brand itself.

Find the Little Wonder Lineup at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Whether online at or at Shank’s Lawn Equipment in Chambersburg, PA, the full Little Wonder Optimax lineup is just a few clicks away for today’s buyers. The Optimax blower line includes both push models and self-propelled options, with enough wind volume to displace everything from large debris to lawn clippings and fall foliage. In addition to new blowers, customers will find OEM replacement parts, Little Wonder blower accessories, and much more. Get started today with blowers, accessories and parts that will easily transform year-round lawn maintenance, outdoor renovation, and routine landscaping.

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