Little Wonder Gas Hedge Trimmer

Little Wonder Hedge Trimmer - gasUnwieldy bushes, shrubs, and hedges can easily distract from the otherwise impeccable appearance of a well-maintained lawn, but Little Wonder is doing its part to make sure that this doesn’t happen to today’s homeowners. The company produces an extensive lineup of hedge trimmers, with a gas model that stands out as one of the best choices not only from Little Wonder, but also from any competing power equipment manufacturer. The gas hedge trimmer enjoys a great deal more versatility, with better range and more freedom of movement than its electric counterparts.

Beyond its greater freedom of movement, the company’s gasoline-powered hedge trimmer is also more powerful than its electric counterparts. That makes the equipment perfect for those hedges with thicker stems, more persistent foliage, and the kind of stubborn presence that requires a tough engine and plenty of horsepower.

More Power, More Capacity, and More Cuts with the Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Little Wonder is widely appreciated by homeowners as one of the most versatile power equipment manufacturers serving their needs, and that’s probably because the company focuses on meeting every need with each of its equipment models. While its electric hedge cutters are perfect for cutting branches and steps up to a half-inch in thickness, that just isn’t suitable for many hedges, shrubs, and large bushes that dot lawns all across the country. In fact, it’s sometimes less than half of what the average homeowner needs.

That’s where the gas-powered Little Wonder 2230 hedge trimmer comes into play. The equipment is paired with a two-cycle engine with a 21.2cc displacement rating. A 30-inch blade length further enhances its power, and allows the gas-powered Little Wonder to cut through branches and steps that are as thick as one inch. That’s more than double the power and capacity of the electric models, and that’s good news for homeowners with the most stubborn and durable hedges present in their lawn.

It should also be noted that the gasoline-powered hedge trimmer comes with the ability to execute 3,500 cuts per minute. That’s more than the electric models, and it’s a key reason that the equipment is so versatile. With a fuel capacity of just over 13 ounces, there will likely be no need to refuel in the middle of even a larger task.

The Little Wonder Difference: A Whole New Kind of Hedge-Cutting Blade Setup

One feature that aligns both the gas and electric models of Little Wonders hedge trimmers is the type of blade setup that the company has developed for use by its customers. While competing hedge trimmers cut with just a single blade, Little Wonder has created a multi-blade system that offers multiple, back-and-forth cuts for maximum effectiveness. It is this multi-blade setup that actually allows the gas model to cut through as much as an inch of stems, limbs, and branches.

The blades themselves are made of carbon steel, and each blade is individually stamped so that it is maximally durable even in tough situations. This is a commitment to great processes and materials that really sets Little Wonder apart. The durability of these blades also compares favorably to the engine’s longevity, which Little Wonder estimates at about 600 to 800 hours of active use around the home.

Of course, a durable hedge trimmer is only as good as the maintenance services and OEM replacement parts that the company offers after the sale. Luckily, this is one area where Little Wonder certainly measures up well against the competition.

With Little Wonder Equipment, a Commitment to Ongoing Maintenance Like No Other

While many manufacturers simply let customers handle maintenance all on their own, Little Wonder actually sells a hedge trimmer maintenance kit that includes all of the tools and compounds needed to keep the equipment safe, sound, and functional. Engine oil, grease, a new spark plug, extra air filters, and other key accessories are offered by the company as part of this kit. It’s a highly affordable way to make sure that everything needed for great maintenance is always on hand for quick work.

Beyond its extremely helpful maintenance kit, Little Wonder also produces a series of OEM replacement parts for its hedge trimmers that can assist homeowners when a repair is needed. The company offers these replacements for sale through its various retailers nationwide, each of which has an agreement with the company to sell both its original equipment and the parts needed for regular service by each buyer.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Offers Everything Little Wonder Customers Need

Little Wonder has been in business for more than five decades, and Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been with them every step of the way. Customers who need a solid commitment to new equipment, knowledgeable support, and OEM replacement parts that will keep their hedge trimmer in great shape, should look no further than Shank’s Lawn Equipment. They have the experience, parts lookup tools, and service options to meet virtually any consumer need. If you find yourself near the Hancock MD or Falling Waters WV area, stop by Shanks Lawn Equipment – we’d love to meet you.

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