Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmer – Single Edge Series Overview

Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmer - singleWhile gas hedge trimmers are a great option for the most demanding homeowners with the most persistent hedges, there are plenty of homeowners who would actually be better served by an electric model that is simply easier to start, less noisy to operate, and more eco-friendly overall. That’s where Little Wonder’s electric hedge trimmers come in. The company’s electric models are lightweight, powerful, and easy to handle, making them perfect for homeowners who are simply looking for an easy-to-use entry-level product that will keep their landscaping in check.

Little Wonder’s lineup of electric hedge trimmers is pretty extensive, and the company offers a full line of both single-blade and double-blade trimmers. The single-blade models are easy the most “entry” of the entry-level lineup, and they’re perfect for smaller shrubs, bushes, and hedges, that don’t require nearly as much effort to be properly trimmed. The single-blade lineup consists of three key models, each of which is largely define by the overall length of its blade. Those customers considering one of these models should look into the unique benefits of each, as well as the differences that set each single-blade model apart from the rest.

Where Things Line Up: The Single-Blade Similarities

The three single-blade electric hedge trimmers sold by Little Wonder are actually quite similar in terms of their wattage, engines, and other features. Perhaps the most obvious feature that all three models share is their use of a single blade to cut through shrubbery and hedges. This is actually the industry standard at other manufacturers, where double-blade models typically aren’t even offered.

All three of the company’s single-blade models come with 110 volts and 4.5 amps of power, making them easily fall in line with broader industry standards. All three models are able to produce a respectable 2,700 cuts per minute. That’s actually less than Little Wonder’s gas-powered hedge trimmer model, but it’s more than many similar electric models sold by competitors. All three electric models with a single blade use just upward of 426 watts of power, making them relatively efficient among electric-powered hedge cutters sold by others. For those who require a bit more power, Little Wonder does offer a 220-volt version of each single-blade hedge cutter.

Blade Length and Total Weight: Where the Hedge Trimmers Diverge

Despite all using the same engine and requiring the same amount of power to produce results, the single-blade trimmers sold by Little Wonder do diverge when it comes to blade length and the overall weight of the equipment. In fact, each of the three models available is named specifically for the blade length that it brings to the lawn’s typical landscaping needs.

For entry-level consumers with smaller hedges and bushes that need to be regularly trimmed, Little Wonder offers its rather small and light 1910 variant. The hedge trimmer comes with a single, 19-inch blade that can work quite well with smaller plants around the home. It’s also very easy to handle for longer jobs, with a weight that comes in at just 7.6 pounds.

The mid-range model sold by the company weighs a bit more than the 1910, but that’s because it packs a substantially longer blade that can be used with medium-sized bushes and shrubs. The 2410 electric edger packs a single 24-inch blade, and it weighs in at 7.9 pounds. It should still be considered very light and very easy to use by virtually every homeowner.

For those with the biggest hedges, Little Wonder’s 3010 is a natural choice. Its 30-inch blade is the largest available for the company’s hedge trimmers, including the gas-powered model that it sells to high-end buyers. The 30-inch blade does add a bit of heft to the unit, of course, resulting in an 8.4-pound total weight. Even so, the trimmer is not too heavy to manage for extended periods of time.

Accessories: Little Wonder Has What its Buyers Need the Most

The great thing about choosing Little Wonder is that the company has a half-century of experience in meeting its customers’ unique needs. That’s why the company is one of the only manufacturers to offer its own extensive maintenance and service kit. With engine oil, grease, replacement air filters and spark plugs, and other key equipment, homeowners will be able to keep their trimmer in top condition all summer long. A gear changeover kit acts as a great way to speed up the mower’s engine and produce even more effective results during average trimming, no matter the single-blade electric model being used.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Can Help with Sales and Service

For a new Little Wonder hedge trimmer, there are few retailers more recommended than Shank’s Lawn Equipment. The company has decades of experience in the industry and pairs every new Little Wonder sale with an extensive lineup of OEM replacement parts and customer support options. For the best equipment and the best long-term service commitment, look no further than Shank’s.

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