Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmer – Double Edge Series Overview

Little Wonder Hedge TrimmerThe great thing about Little Wonder’s lineup of hedge trimmers is that the company has effectively split them into entry-level, mid-range, and high-end categories that work for each type of homeowner and each type of hedge. While the company’s single-edge trimmers easily fit the entry-level needs of many homeowners, the gas-powered model that it sells can often be considered a bit too much for those homeowners with just a few simple bushes at the front of their home. That’s where the mid-range comes in, with a more powerful cutting technology that uses existing electric engines and parts.

The double-edge hedge trimmers sold by Little Wonder are unique among hedge trimmers produced by any company, with a two-blade setup that makes cutting a great deal easier. This allows for quicker work outdoors, and it allows for easier handling of limbs and branches that can measure up to a half-inch in total thickness. For the right compromise between gasoline-style power and electric ease of use, there is really no better option for the average homeowner than Little Wonder’s double-edge series of hedge trimmers.

What is a Double-Edge Trimmer, Exactly?

Because the Little Wonder double-edge trimmer lineup is rather unique among power equipment manufacturers, many customers might not be aware of the differences between these trimmers and single-edge, or single-blade models. The difference is actually in the way cutting is done. Single-edge trimmers have just one sharpened edge that moves in a back-and-forth motion to cut through limbs, stems, and branches, on most hedge types.

A double-edge model takes that to a new level with two sharpened blades that move in opposite directions at a high rate of speed, offering quicker and more effective cutting that works well with larger shrubs. Because this method is more convenient and takes less time from start to finish, the double-edge trimmer is widely considered a worthy upgrade by those homeowners who want to get their landscaping work done as quickly as possible.

A Look at the Similarities Between All Three Double-Edge Trimmer Models

Little Wonders’ three double-edge models all require the same amount of power, featuring a 110-volt architecture that is among the most efficient in the industry. For those homeowners that would prefer a bit more power behind their double-edge equipment, 220-volt systems are available from the company. Even so, these typically represent a niche market and they’re not considered the “standard” version of the hedge trimming equipment.

All three models come with steel carbon blades that are designed to be highly durable, stamped from a single sheet of metal on an individual basis. That allows blades to last significantly longer than lower-end blades on competing models and, when pared with as much as 800 hours of active use per engine, it makes Little Wonder trimmers some of the most long-lasting currently for sale.

As with any lineup of trimmers, of course, there are some key differences between the three double-edge models available for sale from Little Wonder. These differences primarily affect blade length, though weight also varies between each of them.

Three Models for Various Landscaping Needs Around the Home

The company’s entry-level trimmer with double-edge blades is the 1920. The equipment comes with dual, 19-inch blades that can handle smaller bushes and shrubbery, and it’s also one of the lightest trimmers currently on the market. Despite its dual-edge design, the 1920 weighs in at just 8.5 pounds. That’s only a tenth of a pound heavier than the high-end single-edge model sold by the company.

Mid-range consumers looking for a double-edge model will find that the 2420 easily meets their needs. With a 24-inch blade setup and an overall weight of just 8.8 pounds, even longer tasks will be easy to complete without fatigue. At the high-end, a 3020 model offers 30-inch double-edge blades and a weight of 10.1 pounds. It’s certainly heavier, but many homeowners consider the added weight worth it when they have very large hedges that need to be tamed on a regular basis.

Accessories Provide a Great Way to Extend the Trimmer’s Longevity

A gear changeover kit, manufactured and sold by Little Wonder, is designed to speed up the trimmer’s engine without negative affecting the equipment over the long-term. It’s a great way to get just a bit more from the trimmer without risking damage or repairs. To further avoid repairs, Shanks Lawn Equipment sells a maintenance kit that includes everything from replacement spark plugs and air filters to grease, oil, and other lubricants designed specifically for the hedge trimmer.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a Trusted Source of Little Wonder Products

Whether it’s a brand new hedge trimmer or the OEM parts essential to maintenance and repairs, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has decades of giving customers exactly what they need to get the job done. Consider the company a great destination for innovative Little Wonder landscaping products. If you are in the  Waterfall PA or Wells Tannery PA, area, please make us your destination.

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