Little Wonder C5 Blower

c5-blower-01Little Wonder has been the leader in commercial blowers for over 20 years, providing professional lawn care and construction businesses with durable, innovative products that get the job done quickly. Now they’re bringing their expertise to the residential market with the C5, an affordable, easy-to-use walk-behind blower that makes a great alternative to backpack blowers.

The Rolling Advantage

Because they have to be carried, backpack blowers can’t weigh much more than 25 lbs. That puts some serious limits on power and reliability. Since the Little Wonder C5 doesn’t have to be carried, the designers were able to build a unit that tips the scales at a little over 100 lbs, letting them carry over the same commercial-quality parts from their Optimax lineup. The difference starts with the motor: backpack motors top out at around 70 cc, but the C5 comes with a professional grade 170cc Subaru SP170 engine.

Better by Design

The motor drives a 16 inch composite fan that uses the same impeller design as its commercial cousins. It uses reverse-inclined blades allowing the fan to move air faster than traditional flat blade designs while requiring fewer blades, lower total weight. That means more air can be moved with the same amount of power. Air enters this fan through an aerodynamically-shaped oversized intake that maintains pressure even when it’s partially clogged. Together, these features make the fan assembly nearly 40% more efficient than a flat blade fan in the same application. This gives the C5 the ability to pump out 1,100 cubic feet of air per minute at speeds up to 200 mph. That’s more powerful than any backpack blower on the market whether it’s built for residential or commercial use. The added power also means it can be used for more than grass and leaves: debris, standing water and light snow are no match for the C5, making it a true year-round landscaping tool.

Easy to Aim

Moving the blower onto its own base means there’s no fighting with the outlet to keep it aimed at debris and lawn clippings. The built-in Aim Rite nozzle can redirect air flow without needing tools: downwards for moving heavy leaves, horizontal for wide coverage and forward for clearing tight spaces near curbs and fences. To change direction, just loosen the red lock ring, reposition the outlet, and then re-tighten the ring.

Easy to Move and Store

The padded handle can be adjusted without tools to get the most comfortable operator position and it can swing down for storage. With the handle folded, the unit is just 36 inches x 27 inches x 31 inches, small enough to slide under work tables and camper shells. The C5 has no problem maneuvering around tight spaces thanks to tall 16 inch rear wheels and a swiveling 10 inch front wheel. All three wheels are fitted with flat-free tires.

Shanks Lawn Equipment – for all Little Wonder C5 Blower OEM Parts & Equipment

Already have a Little Wonder and need parts and service? Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized full service dealer for Little Wonder products, carrying all their models and offering the parts and support you need to keep your equipment running. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, just off US Rt. 11 at I-81 Exit 10 to Marion. Not in the Mid-Atlantic Tri-State area? We ship to all 50 states in the U.S. Visit us online at

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